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Typical Full Time MBA Schedule - Fall Start


First Year Schedule

Business Writing Proficiency (summer)0.0X X 
Pre-Term Orientation0.0X X 
Communication Skills for Teams & Leaders0.0X XX 
COR1-GB.1305 Statistics & Data Analysis3.0+X X X 
COR1-GB.1306 Financial Accounting & Reporting3.0+XX X 

Choose at least five of the following
menu core courses:

COR1-GB.2301 Strategy3.0+ X X 
COR1-GB.1303 Firms & Markets3.0+ X X 
COR1-GB.2311 Foundations of Finance3.0   XX
COR1-GB.2310 Marketing3.0   XX
COR1-GB.2314 Operations Management3.0   XX
COR1-GB.2303 The Global Economy3.0   X
COR1-GB.1302 Leadership in Organizations3.0   X
Required & Menu Core15-27*    
Fall Semester Total Credits15.0    
Spring Semester Total Credits15.0    

First Year Total Credits



Second Year Schedule

COR2-GB.3101 Professional Responsibility (required)
(taken fourth semester)
Fall Semester Electives12-15
Spring Semester Electives12-15
Total Minimum/Maximum per Semester Credits12-15

Second Year Total Credits



Program Total Credits


+ These courses are taken with your Block.

* The number of core courses and electives you take in the first year will depend on a) how many required core courses you waive, and b) how many menu core courses you take.

Note: All required B01 core credits must be completed in the first year.