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MBA Program Structure - Fall Start

General Program Outline

  • You must complete 60 credits for the MBA degree.
  • You must complete (or establish proficiency* in) Statistics and Accounting (6 Credits) during your first semester.
  • You must complete (or establish proficiency* in) at least 5 of the 7 Menu Core courses (up to 21 credits) during your first year.
  • You must complete Professional Responsibility, the capstone core course (1.5 credits), in the Spring of your first year and the Fall of your second year.
  • Your remaining credits will be electives.
  • You must complete the Management Communication Forum during your first semester.

Core Requirements

Core Summary

1.       2 Required Stern Core (1st Semester)

·         Statistics and Data Analysis (3 credits)

·         Financial Accounting and Reporting (3 credits)

2.       5-7 Menu Core (1st Year)

·         Strategy (3 Credits)

·         Firms and Markets (3 Credits)

·         Marketing (3 Credits)

·         Foundations of Finance (3 Credits)

·         Operations Management (3 Credits)

·         Leadership in Organizations (3 Credits)

·         The Global Economy (3 Credits)

3.       1 Capstone Core Course

·         Professional Responsibility (1.5 Credits)

Core Overview

  • You must take (or establish proficiency* in) Accounting and Statistics during your first fall semester.  These are your Required Core courses.
  • You must take (or establish proficiency* in) at least five of the seven Menu Core during your first year.
  • You must complete the Management Communication Forum during your first semester. Forum dates will be available during student registration.
This chart shows when these courses are offered:


First Year - Required Core



Financial Accounting & Reporting – with your block



Statistics & Data Analysis – with your block



First Year - Menu Core Offered



Strategy – with your block



Firms & Markets – with your block



Foundations of Finance – take any section



Marketing take any section



Operations Management – take any section



The Global Economy – take any section



Leadership in Organizations – take any section




Yes = Offered that semester

N.O. = Not offered that semester

Yellow = Course is taken with your Block

Blue = Take any available section that fits your schedule. 


Please note:

·        Some courses are only offered in Fall or Spring, as noted above.  (In the second year of your program you may enroll in any Menu Core course(s) that you did not take in the first year. You may take these courses on a space available basis, along with students in the Langone Program.)

·        Most electives have Core courses as pre- or co-requisites. If you wish to take an elective for which a certain Core course is a pre- or co-requisite, you will need to take or to establish proficiency in that Core course.

·        Your entering class is divided into six Blocks – the cohorts of students with whom you will take many of your fall Core courses and participate in a variety of other community activities.

*Core Course Proficiency


·         You may be able to establish proficiency  in one or more of the Core courses through:

o   Having earned an Undergraduate major or Masters degree in that subject or

o   Passing a Proficiency Exam or

o   Proof of U.S. CPA license or passing grade on exam, or chartered accountant certification

Further details can be found on Core Course Proficiency page.

Two-Year Registration Overview

Your 1st Year – Satisfying Your Core Requirements

1st Semester - 15 Credits

Register for Your Core Requirements

1.       6 Credits:  Required Core

a.       You must take or establish proficiency in the two required core:

                                                                                       1) Financial Accounting (3 credits)

                                                                                       2) Statistics and Data Analysis (3 credits)

2.       9 Credits:  Menu Core

a.      Select your remaining three courses from the menu of Core offerings. On a space-available basis you may choose to take one elective course during your first semester, in place of one Menu Core course.

b.      Note: Foundations of Finance requires knowledge of basic economic and statistical concepts before registration.

2nd Semester - 15 credits

        Complete Your Core Requirements & Start on Electives

o   In your second semester, you will take your remaining Menu Core courses (for a total of at least five) and elective courses.

§  Note:  “Opting Out” of a Menu Core course may have implications on registering for electives.  See the section on “Opting Out of Menu Core” below.

o   Register for electives with available credits.

Summer Internship

Your 2nd Year – Electives & Specializations

3rd and 4th Semesters - 15 Credits each

1.       Complete Capstone Core Requirement - Professional Responsibility (1.5 Credits)

2.       Fill open schedule with electives:

a.       Build your specialization(s). See notes below on Specializations.

b.      Study abroad or go on one or two DBi’s.

c.       Take classes at other NYU graduate schools.

Note: Plan ahead to make sure you satisfy the pre-requisites for electives you wish to take.

 “Opting Out” of Menu Core

We believe that all Core courses are fundamentally important, and that broad knowledge of these areas of business will be valuable to you during your career.   As outlined in “Core Requirements,” you are required to complete or establish proficiency in at least five of seven Menu Core courses.  If you elect to opt out of one or two Menu Core courses, please consider the following:  


·        Some students elect to “opt out” of particular Menu Core courses because they believe they have sufficient knowledge and experience in that subject area to pursue their educational and career goals. At the same time, many students report that exposure to the breadth of subject areas covered in the Menu Core was a cornerstone feature of their business education.

·        Most electives require that you take or establish proficiency in certain Core courses before registering for those electives. If you elect not to take and not to establish proficiency in a Core course, there are some elective courses that you will not be able to take.  Therefore, a student who elects to “opt out” of a Menu Core course should be prepared for consequences related to registering for electives.  


Please take a moment to:


a)      view the pre-requisites for desired electives under each course description

b)      review the procedure for establishing proficiency

First Semester Electives

On a space available basis, you may take one elective course during your first semester.

Be aware:

a)      Most elective courses have pre- or co-requisites.  If an elective has a pre-requisite, you must have already taken or established proficiency in the pre-requisite course.  If a course has a co-requisite, you must take the co-requisite course concurrently or have previously taken or established proficiency in the co-requisite.*

b)      An elective course that is scheduled during the day will generally not conflict with other school related events.  An elective course taken during the evening may have class sessions that conflict with some school related events such as corporate presentations and other career development activities.  For a conflict, academic work and course attendance is the top priority.

c)      If the elective you choose requires a pre-requisite, you will need to review the methods of establishing proficiency and complete the required form on the Core Course Proficiency site. Request the course as if you have established proficiency.

*Note: If you plan to take Corporate Finance in the Fall, the core Finance course, Foundations of Finance, is a pre-requisite. If you plan to take Corporate Finance in the spring, Foundations of Finance is a co-requisite. You may take them concurrently in the spring but not during your first fall.

Some Options:
  • If you are thinking of an elective course during Fall 2014, you might consider one of the following courses which meet during the day and may have some available seats:
    •  These courses have no pre-requisite requirements:

      • Foundations of Entrepreneurship, MGMT-GB.3335
        • Section 01, Monday/Wednesday 9:00am-10:20am
        • Section 02, Monday/Wednesday 3:00pm-4:20pm
        • Section 03, Tuesday/Thursday 3:00pm-4:20pm

      • Business Law for Managers, BSPA-GB.2314
        • Section 01, Monday/Wednesday 3:00pm-4:20pm

      • Business Drivers of Industries, INTA-GB.2306
        • Section 01, Tuesday 1:30pm-4:20 pm

      • Real Estate Development and Entrepreneurship, OPMG-GB.2360
        • Section 01, Wednesday 1:30pm-4:20 pm

      • Globalization: A Cross-Functional Perspective, MGMT-GB.2185
        • Section 01, Thursday 9:00 am – 11:50 am (first half of the term)

    • These courses have a co-requisite Marketing requirement and you may register for them if you have established proficiency in Marketing or register for the core course in Marketing concurrently:

      (Co-requisite: Marketing, COR1.2310)

      • Brand Strategy, MKTG-GB.2365
        • Section 01, Monday/Wednesday 10:30am-11:50am

      • Innovation and Design, MKTG-GB.2371
        • Section 01, Tuesday 1:30 pm - 4:20 pm

    • These courses have a pre-requisite requirement and you may register for them if you have established proficiency in the core area:

      (Pre-requisite: Financial Accounting and Reporting, COR1-GB.1306)

      • Financial Statement Analysis, ACCT-GB.2303
        • Section 01, Monday/Wednesday 1:30pm-2:50pm

      (Pre-requisite: Foundations of Finance, COR1-GB.2311)

      • Corporate Finance, FINC-GB.2302
        • Section 01, Tuesday/Thursday 3:00pm-4:20 pm

      • Debt Instruments and Markets, FINC-GB.3333
        • Section 01, Tuesday/Thursday 1:30-2:50 pm

      (Pre-requisite: Strategy, COR1-GB.2301 or Leadership in Organizations, CORE1-1302)

      • Managing Change, MGMT-GB.2353
        • Section 01, Monday 1:30-4:20

      (Pre-requisite: Statistics and Data Analysis, COR1-GB.1305)

      • Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis, STAT-GB.2301
        • Section 01, Tuesday/Thursday 1:30-2:50 pm

    • To view the entire listing of elective courses offered this Fall, please check the online course schedule
      • Course descriptions, syllabi and pre-requisite/co-requisite requirements can also be accessed through this link   


    General Management Major 

    ·   All Stern students graduate with an MBA in General Management. In addition, you may elect as many as three nine-credit specializations. Or, you may choose not to specialize in any of the areas and instead customize your elective choices to your unique interests and goals.

    Opting to Declare a Specialization

    ·   By default, the specialization listed for you on the advising and registration system is the one you indicated on your application for admission. However, you may change it at any time prior to your graduation deadline.

    ·   You don't need to commit to a specialization in the first semester. However, keep in mind what electives you are likely to want to take later in the program, so that you choose your Menu Core courses accordingly. Core courses do not count toward specializations.