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The MBA Program consists of 27 Elective Credits (unless you've established proficiency in a Core Course, in which case you will have more elective credits to complete). Students may fulfill these elective credits in several different ways:

  • Take all of the electives credits at Stern and count these toward specialization(s). Specializations are optional.
  • Enroll in up to 15 elective credits at other NYU schools or divisions. These courses do not count towards any specializations. Only Stern courses may count towards specializations.
  • A maximum of 15 elective credits may be taken with any combination one of our study abroad programs to include Doing Business in... (DBi.)
  • If your job is transferring you or you are relocating to an area 200 miles outside of New York, you may also take up to 15 credits at another AACSB school anywhere on the globe.

    (Please note: 75% of the MBA degree (45 credits) must be completed at Stern. A maximum of 15 credits may be completed elsewhere through any combination of the options stated above.)