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Intensive Modules

The Langone Program offers two intensive modules during the academic year, during which students are permitted to take no more than one course at a time:

Winter Intensive (January-February)
Students register for Winter Intensives as part of Spring Lottery and Registration.

Late Summer Intensive (August-September)
Students register for Late Summer Intensives as part of Summer Lottery and Registration.

Langone Intensive Courses
Most intensive courses in The Langone Program are offered during the Winter and Late Summer intensive modules, but some are offered at other times of year. They are demanding and academically rigorous. Workloads and expectations are not reduced for these time compressed courses. Please consider carefully your available time, the course workload, and the course difficulty before registering. Check the meeting dates carefully, as some intensive classes are scheduled to meet on religious and national holidays.

Because intensive courses compress a full course into a short amount of time with longer sessions, missing class greatly diminishes the educational experience more than during a regular semester.

Intensive Modules & Courses Important Notes:

Registering for 2 or more Intensive Courses

The school strongly recommends a buffer period of at least 36 hours between intensive courses due to extensive pre-work and/or post-work involved with these courses. We urge you to consider the workload implications before you choose to take back to back courses.

Course Schedules Vary

  • Pay careful attention to the schedule as course schedules vary per course.
  • Course durations vary from three days to three weeks.

Refund Schedules Vary

  • The Bursar's Refund Schedule varies for intensives in accordance with the varied course scheduling.
  • Review the Bursar's Refund Schedule and Policy for Intensive courses before adding and dropping.

Credits Not Included in Semester Credit Maximums

  • Courses taken during intensive modules do not count towards the 9-credit maximum for each of the Spring and Summer semesters.

1.5 - 3.0 Credit Load

  • Students typically register for 1.5 to 3.0 credits during the intensive modules.
  • The maximum credit load for the intensive modules is 4.5 credits should the course schedule permit such a credit load.
  • Obtaining a 4.5 course schedule is never guaranteed and depends upon availability of applicable courses to your program.

Last Day to Add - 3 Days before First Class

  • The last day to add a class in an intensive module is 3 days prior to the first meeting day of the class.

Concurrent Courses Not Permitted*

  • Students may not take two courses concurrently.
  • There are no exceptions to this policy.

Course Date Overlap Not Permitted

  • Course dates may not overlap between courses.
  • There are no exceptions to this policy.
Rationale:  Intensive Modules and courses were created to enable part-time students to complete their program at an accelerated pace. We are very pleased with their overwhelming success. However, it is important to understand that the intensive module scheduling with its associated workload is challenging and rigorous for instructors and students alike. In order to provide for the academic integrity of the learning in intensive courses and to safeguard against student failure in the classroom, the Stern faculty has mandated that only one course may be taken at a time and course schedules may not overlap. In respect of the academic provisions set forth by the Stern faculty, The MBA Academic Policy Board will not make any exceptions for the concurrent courses or session overlap policies. 

100% Attendance Required

  • Students are required to attend every class session in its entirety.
    • If you know you will not be able to attend any session, do not add the course.
    • If you miss the first class session, your professor has the authority to instruct you to drop to the course.
    • If you miss a class for any reason, it will most likely impact your grade.

Rationale:  Because of the extensive amount of material covered in each intensive class session, the faculty expects students to fully attend every class meeting. Students should not register for any intensive course, if they know that they cannot attend all class sessions. As with all classes, issues with attendance and grading are at the full discretion of the faculty member to resolve as they deem appropriate.

Only Restriction

  • Courses during intensive modules are for Langone Program students only.
  • Full-Time students may not register for intensives as it is not part of the full-time program of study.