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Warning Letters

Following each semester, various warning letters are sent by Academic Affairs and Advising to the applicable students. These letters are sent to remind and inform students of their progress and status. The Academic Affairs Office staff are committed to helping students successfully complete the MBA program. The letters are sent to help students and to encourage them to visit the advising office for assistance.

Letters are sent to students for the following reasons:

Business Writing - Business Writing requirement has not been successfully completed. For details see Business Writing Policy.

GPA Warning Letter - Failure to achieve the minimum GPA per credits taken initiates this letter. Please see the "Program Progress" section for the GPA requirements.

Incomplete Grades - Failure to complete a course by the deadline for which a student was given an "IF" or "IP." See "Incomplete Grades" for more information.

Maintenance of Matriculation - Sent to students who do not request a leave of absence or pay their maintaining matriculation fees. See "Leave of Absence (Maintaining Matriculation)" for more information.

Program Progress - Not having achieved the minimum number of credits per year or semester. See "Program Progress" for more information.