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Academic Affairs

Withdrawing from the Program

In rare cases, students may need to withdraw from their MBA degree program. Students must meet with Academic Affairs and Advising first and then follow the process outlined below.


  1. Student meets with Academic Affairs and Advising to discuss circumstances and options.
  2. Student meets with the Dean or Director of Academic Affairs and Advising if necessary. 
  3. Student submits formal written notification of withdrawal to Academic Affairs and Advising (via email is acceptable).
  4. Academic Affairs and Advising Program Advisor sends letter of confirmation of withdrawal to student and copies Office of Records & Registration, Bursar, Financial Aid, and Admissions attaching a copy of student’s letter.
  5. Students are withdrawn from their courses.
  6. Any requests for tuition refunds are directed to the Academic Policy Board.

First Semester Withdrawal:

If a student withdraws in the first semester of study: