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Product Management Specialization Description

The product management specialization prepares students to manage a product or product line in a business.  Product managers, sometimes known as brand managers, are responsible for managing the marketing activities for their product or brand and typically have responsibility for sales volume and revenues. The courses in this specialization focus on developing critical skills such as developing brand strategy, advertising, promotional programs, and the planning activities associated with those tasks. Students completing this specialization can be found in consumer products companies, consulting firms, financial services, and in products and services serving the health care field.

Academic Advisor: Professor Kim Corfman, 212-998-0593

Course List

INTA-GB.3340 (B55.3340) Digital Marketing
MKTG-GB.2122 (B70.2122) Marketing Strategy for the Service Economy: From Acquisition to Retention
MKTG-GB.2127 (B70.2127) Luxury Branding
MKTG-GB.2128 (B70.2128) Consultative Selling
MKTG-GB.2150 (B70.2150) Social Media for Brand Managers
MKTG-GB.2152 (B70.2152) Promotion Marketing
MKTG-GB.2153 (B70.2153) Pricing Strategies
MKTG-GB.2180 (B70.2180) Marketing Metrics Decision Making
MKTG-GB.2181 (B70.2181) Boosting Creativity
MKTG-GB.2190 (B70.2190) Marketing Hi-Tech Products
MKTG-GB.2191 (B70.2191) Tech Product Management
MKTG-GB.2309 (B70.2309) Advertising Management
MKTG-GB.2327 (B70.2327) Research for Customer Insights
MKTG-GB.2347 (B70.2347) Consumer Behavior
MKTG-GB.2350 (B70.2350) Marketing Planning & Strategy
MKTG-GB.2353 (B70.2353) Pricing Strategies
MKTG-GB.2354 (B70.2354) Data Driven Decision Making
MKTG-GB.2365 (B70.2365) Brand Strategy
MKTG-GB.2370 (B70.2370) New Product Development
MKTG-GB.2371 (B70.2371) Innovation and Design
MKTG-GB.2375 (B70.2375) Retail Management
MKTG-GB.2381 (B70.2381) Creativity

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