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Social Innovation and Impact Specialization Description

Social Innovation and Impact Specialization courses blend social and environmental perspectives with the more traditional economic perspective. They provide innovative conceptual frameworks, strategies, and implementation skills necessary to create substantial social as well as economic value in for-profit, nonprofit and public sectors.
Each course in the SII specialization falls into one or more of the following areas:
  • Ethics/Corporate Social Responsibility/Diversity/Wealth Distribution
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Economic Development
  • Social Venturing
  • Non-Profit Management
The specialization is appropriate for students anticipating careers (now or later) in the non-profit and public sectors and for those who wish to enhance their engagement in the for-profit sector as a matter of corporate citizenship.

Academic Advisor: Professor Jill Kickul, 212-998-0079 

Course List

BSPA-GB.2306 (B75.2306) Social Enterprise in Sustainable Food Business
BSPA-GB.2113 (B75.2113) Cuba: Sanctions, Reforms, Opportunities
BSPA-GB.2331 (B75.2331) Law, Business and Human Rights
BSPA-GB.2340 (B75.2340) The Law and Business of Social Enterprise
BSPA-GB.3122 (B75.3122) Ten Top Trends in Social Innovation
DBIN-GB.3110 (B86.3110) Doing Business in Costa Rica: Sustainable Business in Latin America
ECON-GB.2105 (B30.2105) Energy & the Environment
ECON-GB.2110 (B30.2110) Economics of Healthcare
ECON-GB.2195 (B30.2195) Advanced Global Perspectives on Enterprise Systems
ECON-GB.2320 (B30.2320) The Future of the Global Economy
ECON-GB.2346 (B30.2346) Growth in the Developing World and the Global Economy
ECON-GB.2350 (B30.2350) Global Poverty Alleviation
ECON-GB.3375 (B30.3375) Urban Systems
FINC-GB.3148 (B40.3148) Social Venture Capital
FINC-GB.3154 (B40.3154) Law and Business of Microfinance
FINC-GB.3348 (B40.3348) Investing for Environmental and Social Impact
FINC-GB.3354 (B40.3354) Investing in Microfinance
INTA-GB.2120 (B55.2120) Business and the Federal Government
INTA-GB.2170 (B55.2170) Evolution, Human Nature, and Business
INTA-GB.2323 (B55.2323) Sustainability & the New Economy
INTA-GB.3105 (B55.3105) Global Markets, Human Rights and the Press
INTA-GB.3337 (B55.3337) Social Problem-based Entrepreneurship
INTA-GB.3360 (B55.3360) The Project
INTA-GB.3361 (B55.3361) Corporate Social Responsibility
MGMT-GB.2178 (B65.2178) Business of Sustainability
MGMT-GB.2366 (B65.2366) Global Social Impact Strategies
MGMT-GB.2368 (B65.2368) Strategy with a Social Purpose
MGMT-GB.3336 (B65.3336) Foundations of Social Entrepreneurship
MGMT-GB.3359 (B65.3359) Leading Sustainable Enterprises
MKTG-GB.3101 (B70.3101) Corporate Branding & CSR

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