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How can I connect with current students, alumni, and find out what is going on in the Executive MBA community?
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When is my first tuition payment due?
Your first tuition payment of $36,000 is due to NYU Stern on or before December 15, 2011. Students cannot begin the program without paying the tuition by the deadline.

Do I need to book a room for the first week residency?
The Executive MBA student services staff schedules and covers your accommodations for the first week residency starting on Sunday night, January 8, through Thursday night, January 12.  Check-in occurs throughout the day on Sunday.  Check-out is Friday, January 13, at 11 a.m.  If you wish either to come early and stay on Saturday night, January 27, or to stay late through Friday night, January 13, those extensions can be made at your expense.  

How and when will study groups be assigned?

Study groups are designed so that each group includes members with different skill-sets and backgrounds. Students will learn who is in their study groups during the residency.  The Communication for Teams & Leaders course will work with you to get the most out of your group experience.

How do I register for courses?

The Executive MBA student services staff handles all registration for you, distributes your books and materials for courses, and serves as your liaison to the bursar.

What do I need to do to prepare for classes?

Complete the reading assignments prior to Arrowwood. You will NOT have time to do all the reading once the residency begins.

Where can I find my assignments?

You will find the assignments in the syllabus for each course. Once you complete and submit Form 1, you will be mailed a backpack with books and materials for your first four courses. The syllabus will be included under the distribution memo for each set of materials as well as posted to the Residency Schedule page.

My math skills are rusty.  What should I do to get ready to come back to school?

To help you prepare, we have provided access to two mathematics tutorials – one in Algebra and one in Calculus.  These tutorials offer practice tests and instruction which allow you to re-familiarize yourself with key mathematical concepts.  To access the tutorials, click
here.  You will need to create a Harvard account by clicking on "Register" before you can access the tutorials.

After you have reviewed the tutorial materials, we require you to take a Proficiency Examination.  The examination is a diagnosis of need, not a measure of success or failure.  If you need to improve these skills, we provide a series of early morning sessions from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. on your class days at Stern.  An early morning sessions schedule will be provided during orientation.

How do I access the Mathematics Proficiency Examination?

Go to the Almaris website by clicking
here or on the link provided on the Take Action page.  You will need to register using your email address, name, and the group designation - EMBA.  After you have registered, login and take the exam.  If you must stop before you have finished the exam, remember to save your work before logging out. 

In order to demonstrate proficiency, you must receive a score of 80% on one of your attempts.  You can take the exam up to three times.  If you do not earn an 80% after three attempts, you will be required to attend the early morning review sessions from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. on your class days at Stern.  An early morning sessions schedule will be provided during orientation.

When will I have access to career services?

As soon as you return from Arrowwood, you will have access to Executive MBA career services, which includes your personal career account housing online resources and job postings, workshops, and access to individual appointments for consultation and coaching.  Due to the seniority of the typical Executive MBA student, each student's career development is different and an on-campus recruiting option does not apply.

During a lunch soon after you are at Stern, Lara Klein, Associate Director with the Career Center for Working Professionals, will offer a career strategy workshop to encourage you to start thinking about your career objectives early on.  She will show you the steps involved in planning your next career move and linking it to your longer term career objectives.  She will offer a second lunchtime career presentation to provide an overview of the specific career tools and resources available at Stern.  Topics may include: how to schedule a career counseling appointment or mock interview; how and why to use your NYU Stern Career Account; and an examination of career research databases and the Stern alumni directory.

Where will we be going on our first Global Study Tour?

The destinations for your Global Study Tours (GSTs) have not yet been determined. We will notify you of the location approximately five months in advance of your departure date.  Destinations are determined by the NYU Stern Executive MBA Administration.

When do I learn about my Stern email account?

Someone from the Executive MBA Student Services team will contact you on your personal email address prior to the residency to set up a phone appointment and walk you through setting up your email account and password.

Please create a password in preparation for the phone appointment. Your password must have at least 8 characters and must consist of a minimum of one letter (A-Z,a-z) and one number (0-9) and one special character: <>./">!@#$^&*()-+=[]|\;"~',<>./?

The percent character '%' and underscore '_' are not allowed in your password.

After the first week residency, the faculty and administration will use the Stern email address exclusively to contact you.

Does the Executive MBA Program require a laptop?

Executive MBA students are not required to have laptops, though most do.  The NYU Stern IT Help Desk can help you with many technology glitches, and having a laptop makes it easy to consult on technology issues.  Some instructors discourage laptop use in the classroom.  There are computers throughout the Stern complex that students can use to check email or print documents.  For more information, please consult the
Computers page.

When can I take courses in the Langone part-time program?

In each semester except the first, you may take up to 3 credits of coursework in the Langone part-time program at no additional cost.  For these extra courses, you must obtain your own course materials.  Registration takes place through the Executive MBA office.

What about courses after I graduate?

In each semester after you graduate, you may enroll for Executive MBA elective courses at a nominal fee.  There is no time limit on this privilege.  For two years and up to 6 credits, you may also enroll for up to 3 credits per semester in the Langone part-time program at the same nominal fee.