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The Executive MBA program begins on Sunday, January 8, with a required, week-long, live-in residency at Doral Arrowwood Conference Center in Rye Brook, New York (www.doralarrowwood.com). Attendance at all sessions, starting with the Sunday orientation, is mandatory, and we provide accommodations for all students.

Four courses begin at the residency: Communication for Teams and Leaders, Professional Responsibility, Marketing, and Financial Accounting & Reporting.  All continue at Stern.  Professional Responsibility ends on February 10, after 5 sessions, while Marketing and Financial Accounting & Reporting continue through March for 9 and 11 sessions respectively.  Communication for Teams and Leaders is a highly interactive course designed to enhance productive team relationships; it meets several times during the residency and provides study group coaching later in the semester.

When you receive your books and materials, please note that there is a good deal of homework and pre-reading to be done before you arrive at the residency. Syllabi that detail the reading and preparation for each session are included under the distribution memo for each set of materials as well as posted to the Residency Schedule page.

No family or visitors may join you except for the night of Thursday, January 12, when a guest may join you for dinner and bed and breakfast at NYU Stern’s expense. We will ask for an RSVP when you arrive on Sunday, January 8.


Sunday, January 8, is orientation day. Attendance at orientation is required and begins with a working lunch. Please arrive at Arrowwood by 11 a.m.

To the left, you will find more information about the residency.

  • Residency Schedule details your day-to-day activities during the week-long residency from orientation on Sunday, January 8, to your last class session on Friday, January 13.  Also, we have posted the most current versions of your syllabi.