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Many students in the NYU Stern Execuive MBA program do not live or work in New York City. If your travel distance to attend class exceeds a certain mileage, NYU Stern covers accommodations at Club Quarters, a members-only executive hotel in the Wall Street area. The Executive MBA Program has a policy to define who receives complimentary accommodations by using Mapquest to determine the distance from 44 West Fourth Street to your home address.

For the class entering in January 2012 the policy is as following:


  • More than 90 miles
Thursday and Friday nights at program expense
  • Between 40 and 90 miles
Friday night at program expense
  • Less than 40 miles
Accommodations only at your expense

If you have questions about Club Quarters, talk to Shivani Dhir (212/998-0787;
sdhir@stern.nyu.edu). Before classes begin, she will confirm with each Club Quarters-eligible person that he/she wishes to have accommodations, and she will provide you with the cancellation policies and confirmation numbers for your stays during the fall (these may be given to you during the first week residency).

The residency begins at Doral Arrowwood in Rye Brook, NY, at 11 a.m. on Sunday, January 8, and your residency accommodations begin Sunday evening, January 8. If you prefer to arrive earlier, reservations can be made at your expense.