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The Executive MBA program has no official requirement for computers, laptops, iPads, or any other electronic device.  Instead, we ask that you take the below factors into consideration if planning to make a purchase, so you can make the best decision for yourself.

  • Statistical software: In your required Statistics and Data Analysis course, you will be provided with statistical software designed to run in a Windows environment.  Thus, committed Mac-users may want to consider purchasing PC-emulator software to use in that situation.
  • Digital Course Packets: The majority of the articles and cases in your courses will be provided to you in enhanced PDF format accessible through the course's Blackboard site.  You will be able to download and save these files to a computer.
  • iPad Access to Digital Course Packets:  In summer and fall of 2011, XanEdu offered digital course packets with enhanced features for iPad.  In October, this offering was abruptly terminated.  At this moment in time, we recommend using only your PC or laptop to access materials.  NYU and other universities are following the situation with XanEdu to restore iPad access and we will keep you informed when this becomes a viable option.
  • Support from Stern IT:  At this time, Stern IT only provides support to laptops and the type of laptop determines the level of support (see below box for more information).  Currently, Stern IT does not support iPads.

The type of laptop you choose will determine the level of support you receive from Stern IT.


Details of the levels of support for different models and their suggested guidelines for software and hardware purchases can be found on the Laptop Computer Requirement page.

You may purchase computer hardware (laptops, iPads, etc.), software (Microsoft Office, etc.), and other products from the NYU Computer Store located at 242 Greene Street, on the corner of Washington Place and Greene Street, one block north of 44 West Fourth Street (NYU Stern). You must have your NYU student ID card with you in order to make purchases at the NYU educational (reduced) rate. Your letter of admission plus a photo ID card will accomplish the same result.

The computer store offers a deferred payment plan to students who are already taking classes. For you, that will mean waiting until after the Arrowwood Residency. To preview products, visit the NYU Computer Store website.