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Parking in the vicinity of NYU Stern is less pricey than in midtown but still relatively expensive. We encourage you to use public transportation whenever possible. The garage which gives the best daily rates to Executive MBA students (Washington Square Village) is often full, so below we provide the rates of the closest local garages for both day and overnight parking.

These garages either charge extra for oversized vehicles or do not take them at all. Washington Square Village offers a special price for Executive MBA students for Friday and Saturday day parking only ($10 with NYU I.D. or the stamp in our office for the initial 24 hours).

These rates are accurate as of September 2011. If you find other, better places to park, you may want to help us to share this information with your colleagues. This information is provided as a courtesy; we are not in the garage business!

Garage Name

Oversize Restrictions

Full Day Weekday

Full Day Weekend

24 Hours

48 Hours

NYU Proof of Affiliation

Washington Square Village Garage,
1 Washington Square Village, 212.253.9061

Add'l $10

$10 NYU Special     (Initial 24 hours with additional $10 charge every 12 hours thereafter)

$10 NYU Special    (Initial 24 hours with additional $10 charge every 12 hours thereafter)




Hillary Gardens Garage,
300 Mercer St., 212.473.8752

Add'l $10

$14 NYU Special

$14 NYU Special




Thompson Street Garage,
221 Thompson St., 212.643.8631

Add'l $10

$15 (12 hours, out by midnight)
NYU Special

No NYU discount on Saturday.



Stamp in Executive MBA Office

Minetta Lane Garage,
122-28 West Third, St., 212.777.3530

Add'l $10

$19 (out by 8 p.m.) NYU Special

$19 (out by 8 p.m.) NYU Special



Stamp in Executive MBA Office

All garages are indoors and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To qualify for the NYU discounts you must present a valid NYU ID card, and possibly a stamped ticket. All prices include the 8.5% tax and are current as of September 2011. However, prices can change unexpectedly; please contact the garage for the most up-to-date information.