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Each year the Executive MBA program publishes the Classmates brochure, a collection of student profiles that highlights your diverse professional backgrounds. We ask you to draft your profile, using the sample below and following the guidelines outlined here. If you need additional guidance in composing your profile, email Stefanie Milner at smilner@stern.nyu.edu, or call her at 212-998-0233. We must receive your profile by December 12, 2011.

Once Stefanie receives your draft, she will edit it for space constraints and consistency. A draft of your edited profile will be distributed during your residency. Before you leave the residency on January 13, you will be asked to approve any revisions. The final Classmates brochure will be distributed to NYU Stern School’s faculty and friends, companies you will be visiting on your Global Study Tours, future Executive MBA applicants, and most importantly, to you and your classmates.

Begin writing your profile -- Please review the guidelines below before you begin!

Guidelines for Writing your Personal Profile

  • Point of View. Please use third person language, i.e., “he” or “she” versus “I.”
  • Overall formatting: The draft, which you will enter into the online form, should contain no special formatting (i.e., no italics or bold lettering). All profiles will be formatted uniformly when the Classmates brochure is printed. You will have a maximum of 750 characters (including spaces), or approximately 110 words, for all combined text not including your full name, job title and organization name. Please do a word count before submitting.
  • Header Information: Include your full name as you would like it to appear, including titles such as “Jr.” and “M.D.,” your job title, and the official name of your organization.
  • Paragraph One: The first paragraph describes your current and previous job responsibilities. You should write roughly two sentences on your current work experience and one sentence on your previous work experience. Mention your group or department and explain your job functions, projects you work on, and/or key accomplishments. Please DO NOT use industry jargon or abbreviations.
  • Paragraph Two: The second paragraph describes your organization or firm. Your company's website and press releases are often a terrific source for a clear, relevant description of your organization. Note: if there are multiple Executive MBA students in the class from the same organization, we will use the same descriptive paragraph for each profile.
  • Education: Please include the official names of any college or higher-level institutions you have attended, degrees you have earned, and major(s). Include any honors (e.g., cum laude) you have received. DO NOT list institutions where you did not earn an official degree.

Sample Student Profile #1
111 words (735 characters, including spaces)

Alice B. Carlyle
Assistant Professor of Anesthesia
New York University Medical Center

Alice is board certified in anesthesia and critical care. She supervises residents and nurse anesthetists and is responsible for patient care before, during and after surgery. She serves as a member of the board of governors of New York University School of Medicine. She also instructs at national and international meetings in anesthesia and critical care.

NYU Medical Center is one of the nation's premier centers of excellence in health care, scientific research and medical education. The Medical Center consists of two hospitals, Tisch Hospital and Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, and New York University School of Medicine.

New York University School of Medicine

Barnard College, Columbia University
B.A., Chemistry


Sample Student Profile #2
99 words (741 characters with spaces)

Arun Gupta
Senior Technical Architect

Arun designs complex systems, makes strategic technology choices and supervises implementation of systems. Arun collaborates with peer and chief architects from client companies to solve multi-faceted problems and resolve technological disagreements. Arun has taken an active role in redesigning the architecture of the New York Daily News website.

Entology is a technology consulting firm specializing in architecting, developing and implementing enterprise technology solutions for GLOBAL 1000® companies and major private companies. Entology has extensive experience in delivering solutions to many of the world's largest, most competitive and prestigious industries.

D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, India
B.E., Electronics Engineering