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1)      Hiring

a)      Part-time non-students

i)        Description: For temporary and/or part-time work, hiring students is encouraged.  Only if no NYU student can do the job can a non-student be considered. 

ii)      Policy: See Policy on Hiring Part-Time Workers

for details. 

iii)    Process: The faculty member completes the request form and submits it to the department’s Administrative Coordinator, who reviews it and sends it to OFA for approval.  No one should start work prior to such approval.

iv)    Timing: ongoing

v)      Form: Request to Hire Temp Form

b)      Students

i)        Description: It is relatively easy to hire a student, either on a work study or payroll basis, and this should be attempted for all types of work needed. 

ii)      Process: Post the job at NYU’s Wasserman Center.  Once a candidate is selected, the Wasserman Center complete the hiring process.  No one should start work prior to final approval.  Department administrative staff can take care of this.

iii)    Timing: Posting the job takes about a week, and allow another week to complete the hiring process.   In the interim, allow appropriate time to review resumes and interview candidates. 

c)      Graduate Fellows/Teaching Fellows (GF/TF): For details see "Hiring a Teaching Fellow or Grader" in the Teaching section

2)        Staff Support for Faculty

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