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Pre-MBA Financial Accounting Workshop

This optional, four-hour session workshop is designed for students without any prior accounting experience. If you have a business degree or an accounting background, this workshop is NOT intended for you. Please do not register.

Accounting is the language of business, and many of the terms you will hear in the business curriculum will come from accounting. Some of your classmates will come to Stern with backgrounds in business, and some from the financial sector. If you are less familiar with the terminology and jargon of accounting and finance and the basic concepts underlying the financial accounting model, this workshop may be of value.

The accounting workshop gives you an opportunity to become familiar with some of the basics of accounting and to understand the role of accounting information within the capital markets. Accounting information is vital for investors and creditors to make capital allocation decisions, and understanding the broader perspective of accounting will give you context in which to learn the details. The Financial Accounting Core course (taken in the Fall) and its textbook will present all the concepts you need to master the course, but they may come faster than you find comfortable. The August workshop offers a chance for you to catch up to your classmates who have worked on the financial side of business before coming to Stern.

You may register for the accounting workshop when you complete the Summer/Fall registration forms. You will be offered the accounting workshop section and professor appropriate for your block Financial Accounting core course. You will want to have your professor's textbook materials with you for the accounting workshop. A fee of $390 will be charged to your Bursar account for the preparation course.