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Email and IT Support

You will receive important and time-sensitive emails regarding registration, tuition payment and other topics to your Stern email address beginning in the spring. If you are applying for financial aid, you will receive all instructions about accepting and activating your financial aid through your Stern email account. You must complete all the steps below to activate your Stern email account and properly process your financial aid. If you experience any difficulty in activating your NYU Stern email account, please email

Steps for Setting Up Your Email

1. Learn your NYU NetID

Your NYU NetID will be needed to create your Stern email address and will be available approximately one week after your date of admission. Please note that you will also have an email account with the central NYU system (please see Step 5 for more information).

Click here to learn your NYU NetID

2. Activate your NYU Stern NetID

Click below and follow the online instructions to successfully activate your NYU Stern NetID. Please note that there may be a delay in activating your Stern account after learning your NYU NetID.

Click here to activate your NYU Stern NetID

You will be asked to enter:
  • Your NYU Stern NetID (this is the same as your NYU NetID from Step 1)
  • Your NYU University ID number (Example: NXXXXXXXX. This can be found in your letter of admission.)
  • Your date of birth as year/month/day (Example: 1981-11-30 for November 30, 1981)

3. Determine your Stern Email Address

Your student email account will be your NYU Stern NetID followed by For example, if your NetID is wqc103, your Stern email account will be Please note that it may take up to 48 hours after activating your NYU Stern NetID for your account to be fully activated.

4. Check your Stern Email Regularly

Begin checking your Stern email account by visiting SternLinks. Your Stern email account is powered by Google Apps. Keep an eye out for important and time-sensitive emails regarding financial aid, registration, tuition payment and other topics.

There are also multiple ways to configure your mobile devices to get Stern Gmail.

5. Forward your incoming NYU Central Email to your NYU Stern Email Address

After completing the setup for your email address, we suggest returning to your NYU central email ( to set up email forwarding to your NYU Stern address. To do this, log into NYU Home and follow the link under the E-mail and Calendar tab to access your NYU central email account (also powered by Google Apps). Once in Gmail, find the mail settings link in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to the Forwarding tab. Here you will be able to set up email forwarding to your Stern address.

IT Support

Stern requires all incoming MBA students to own a laptop computer. The laptop requirement ensures that you will have access to the resources needed to successfully complete Stern's program of study. You are also expected to have Internet access from your home throughout the program. If you will be purchasing a laptop for your time at Stern, the NYU Computer Store will offer an NYU Stern laptop in partnership with Dell and Apple. The 2014-2015 academic year NYU Stern laptop models will be announced and available for purchase in April. If you already own a laptop computer, or choose to select another model, please be sure that it meets our recommended hardware & software configurations. Note the different levels of IT support outlined below.

The Stern IT Help Desk offers year-round laptop support to students and can help you with setting up your Stern network access. The Help Desk may be reached by phone at 212-998-0180 or by email at and is located at the Kaufman Management Center in UC-120. For more information and walk-in hours, visit the Help Desk website.

The type of laptop you choose will determine the level of support you receive from Stern IT.

* Computers meeting the recommended configuration and Apple computers will receive basic support.
* NYU Stern's Dell Laptop will receive advanced support.

Note: Summer Start students should order their laptops in early June to ensure delivery by early July.