NYU Stern
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Program Structure

The Langone Program requires students to complete 60 credits within 6 years as follows:
  • 28.5 Credits of Stern Core
  • 4.5 Credits of Langone Core
  • 27 Credits - Electives
  • 60 Credits - Total
60 Credit Breakdown Details
Basic Stern Core: 12 credits
COR1-GB.1303 Firms & Markets (3 credits)
COR1-GB.1302 Leadership in Organizations (3 credits)
COR1-GB.1306 Financial Accounting & Reporting (3 credits)
COR1-GB.1305 Statistics & Data Analysis (3 credits)

Important details to note:
  • Students must enroll in a Core Group section of Firms & Markets or Leadership in Organizations in their first term.
  • The Basic Core must be completed in first two terms of the program.
  • The Basic Core courses must be completed along with the core in the discipline before electives are taken.
  • Students may not take electives in the first two semesters. Any Core course in which you establish proficiency must be replaced by another Core course.
Remaining Stern Core: 15 credits
COR1-GB.2103 Strategy I (1.5 credits)
COR1-GB.2104 Strategy II (1.5 credits)
COR1-GB.2303 The Global Economy (3 credits)
COR1-GB.2310 Marketing (3 credits)
COR1-GB.2311 Foundations of Finance (3 credits)
COR1-GB.2314 Operations Management (3 credits)

Important details to note:

  • Core courses are pre-requisites for higher lever electives of academic discipline. As such, the Core for a discipline must be completed before electives in that discipline may be taken. For example, Foundations of Finance must be completed before registering for a Finance elective.
Capstone Stern Core: 1.5 credits (to be taken at the end of the program)
COR2-GB.3101 Professional Responsibility (1.5 credits)

Langone Core: 4.5 credits
MCOM-GB.2105 Business Communication (1.5 credits)
MGMT-GB.2159 Collaboration, Conflict and Negotiation (1.5 credits)
ECON-GB.2190 Global Perspectives on Enterprise Systems (1.5 credits)

Courses in this category figure into the 24-credit maximum per course designator and may be applied towards specializations.

Elective Courses: 27 credits
Elective courses may be taken from any of our academic disciplines or other NYU divisions.

Additional Program Progress Requirements

Stern MBA students must complete the following:

  • At least one course in the semester for which they are admitted; those who do not, must reapply for admission in a subsequent semester.
  • At least 6 credits each academic year.
  • At least 24 credits within the first three years.
  • All requirements for the degree within the maximum of six years from initial enrollment in the program.

Students who are unable to maintain this pace are not permitted to continue in their degree program. Note that, although students are required to meet only these minimums to remain in the program, it is not possible to complete the MBA degree requirements within the six-year limit at the minimum rates of progress.