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Academic Programs

MBA Courses

The Business & Society Program Area currently offers three courses in the MBA curriculum. Course details can be found here.

Undergraduate Social Impact Core

A central theme of the Stern education is how business shapes and impacts the world around us. We recognize that business is the dominant social institution of our age and seek to provide a curriculum that ensures our students are thoughtful about their ability to influence society as business leaders. Nowhere is that more evident than in the Social Impact Core, a series of courses designed to give students a deeper understanding of how businesses and their leaders impact society.

Pre Law Information

Professor Jeanne Calderon, one of the BSPA professors, is the pre law adviser for Stern undergraduate students, MBA students and alumni. Some students may start to think about attending law school while/after taking the Law Business and Society course. Please consult Professor Calderon's pre law website which contains relevant information for potentially interested students  http://people.stern.nyu.edu/jcaldero/  Should additional information be needed after reading the posted material, please request a meeting with Professor Calderon. Please note:  During the fall term meeting times are reserved for seniors, MBA students and Stern alumni who are applying (or seriously planning to apply) to law school in the fall or early winter.

Additional Information:  Danielle Purcell, a Stern undergraduate adviser, assists Professor Calderon with pre law matters. She meets with students throughout the school year. Danielle is not a lawyer but prior to joining Stern, she worked in the Career Office of the NYU Law School. Her pre law website is: http://www.stern.nyu.edu/UC/CurrentStudents/Academics/TalkwithanAdviser/CON_021792

Course Offerings

MBA Course Offerings

Professional Responsibility

Corporate Governance

Corporate Turnarounds

Global Markets & Normative Frameworks

Business Law For Managers

Undergraduate Course Offerings

Business & Its Publics: Inquiry & Discourse

Law, Business, & Society

Professional Responsibility & Leadership

Entertainment Law

Entrepreneurship & Law in Practice