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Undergraduate Social Impact Core Course Offerings

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Business & Its Publics: Inquiry & Discourse (Freshman)

SOIM-UB.0125, 2 credits

The Social Impact Core foundation course, introduces students to the many interconnections between business, society, markets, politics, art, culture and life. Through a series of lectures featuring a broad range of visitors and a complementary writing course, students form their own perspectives on the meaning of business and its role in society and their lives, while hearing, seeing, and questioning key people in business and the institutions that surround it Past speakers have included CEOs, politicians, regulators, entrepreneurs, activists, artists, and writers.

Organizational Communication & Its Social Context (Sophomore)

SOIM-UB.0065, 4 credits

In Organizational Communication and its Social Context, students learn how organizations communicate with multiple types of audiences, focusing on the interconnections between business and society. The course uses the stakeholder model of the corporation to introduce the strategic implications of communication for modern organizations.

Students focus on strategic and tactical aspects of corporate communication to study and practice the ways in which organizations communicate to their varied internal and external stakeholders. Assignments develop student abilities in speaking and writing to these varied audiences, both to inform and to persuade. The course emphasizes bridging theoretical fundamentals and action learning is stressed which includes applying communication strategy to:
  • oral and written business assignments
  • presentation delivery techniques
  • visual communication analysis and practice
  • team communication
Students regularly receive personal feedback about their writing and their oral presentations from instructors.

Law, Business, & Society (Junior)

, 4 credits

The Law, Business & Society course challenges students to think more deeply about legal systems and appreciate how they have evolved and continue to evolve in relationship to business and society. The interaction between law and business is multi-dimensional involving social, political, ethical and technological considerations. In the course, students will examine how key areas of business law influence the structure of domestic and international business relationships, while honing their analytical, communication, conflict resolution and team problem solving skills.

4 credits

Professional Responsibility & Leadership (Senior)

, 2 credits

This capstone course facilitates student development of a personal sense of business professionalism and leadership. Students consider how individuals should behave in ambiguous situations, balancing self-interests and those of the firm within the larger context of society, ethics, and law. The course builds on content discussed throughout the core while introducing new themes pertinent to students about to enter the workforce including the economic and ethical aspects of acting as a business professional and several models, or approaches, to leadership.

Undergraduate Electives

Entertainment Law

MULT-UB.0048, 1.5 credits

This is a course about entertainment aspects of the mass media. Major topics include contracts, torts (defamation and privacy), and intellectual property. This course will also focus on the relationships between various parties in the entertainment field (the artist, manager, agent and so on), the protection of intellectual property interests, and various aspects of the recording industry (e.g. contracts and royalties).

At a general level, this course should prepare you to analyze a wide variety of entertainment law issues. Dealing with more narrow topics, such as constitutional concerns or union representation, will require additional, specialized independent study. This class should also help to further develop your reasoning skills.

Entrepreneurship & Law In Practice

MULT-UB.0086, 1.5 credits

The course is designed around two games: the law game and the entrepreneurship game. The entrepreneurship game focuses on the legal and financial issues an entrepreneur considers in starting a business (teams follow the life-cycle of a business they create—it is our hope that some students may go on to create companies started in the game!). The law game simulates a civil trial from inception to end. Students draft pleadings, gather facts, perform depositions of witnesses, and prepare the final case—facing off in front of a judge.

Experiential Learning Seminar: Social Impact Consulting

MULTI-UB.0103, 2 credits

This course provides Stern undergraduate students with an opportunity to apply lessons learned in the Social Impact Core Curriculum. It is structured as an experiential learning laboratory involving consulting-based projects and collaboration among students, faculty and nonprofit organizations.

Real Estate Transactions


This course examines the legal issues arising in each phase of commercial real estate transaction from the acquisition through the disposition of the property, including all aspects of real estate development and real estate financing. The main topics covered will include property acquisition; entity selection and structure; tax considerations; construction and permanent financing; development; mortgage securitization; leasing; workouts and other exit strategies; as well as current legal issues. This course will prepare the student to become sensitive to the wide variety of legal issues and topics encountered in commercial real estate transactions from the perspective of a business professional.