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Plenary Speakers and Panels

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Opening Keynote Address
Roger Crisp (Oxford University, Philosophy)
‘Taking Stock of Utilitarianism’

Principal Speaker: James Moore (Concordia University, Political Science)
'Utility and Moral Sense: A Short History of a Philosophical Disagreement from Hume to James Mill'
Chair and Response: Fred Rosen (University College London)

Principal Speaker: Joshua Greene (Harvard University, Psychology)
'Beyond Point-and-Shoot Morality: The Scientific Case for Utilitarianism'
Response:  Julia Driver (Washington University in St. Louis, Philosophy)
Chair: Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (Duke University, Philosophy)

Principal Speaker: David Armitage (Harvard University, History)
‘The International Turn in Intellectual History’
Chair: Philip Schofield (University College London)

Principal speaker: Robert H. Frank (Cornell University, Economics)
‘Liberty, Competition, and the Common Good’

Principal Speaker: Tim Mulgan (University of Auckland and University
of St. Andrews, Philosophy)
‘Utilitarianism for a Broken World’