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Fields of Study

Economics Track
The research interests of the Stern Economics faculty span many areas, with particular strengths in industrial organization; theoretical and applied econometrics; international macroeconomics and finance; game theory and business strategy; and economic and financial history.
On the microeconomics side, particular areas of interest include:
  • Dynamic oligopoly competition—entry and exit decisions, prices and market shares
  • Networks and two-sided markets— wireless telecommunications, video games, etc.
  • Cartels—organization, detection, and estimation of consumer damage
  • Firm and brand reputation—rise and fall of reputations, the market for names, brand stretching
  • Game theory and applications—foundations of game theory, , cooperation in communities, auctions and other market mechanisms
On the macroeconomics side, particular areas of interest include:
  • International finance and trade—exchange rate volatility, factors behind the recent evolution of the current account, contribution of trade to a country’s productivity
  • Economic development—legal protections for investors, effects on the capital markets and firm growth
  • Monetary economics—reaction of prices to changes in the money supply, firm markups and the business cycle
  • Business cycles and macro-finance—behavior of asset prices over the business cycle, asset price volatility, market liquidity, executive compensation, asymmetry in business cycles and asset returns, equilibrium approaches to investor portfolio problems
Strategy Track
Students with a particular interest in applying economic methods to questions in business strategy can choose to specialize in strategy within the economics program. Research topics currently being studied within this track include:
  • Bargaining in markets—applications of both non-cooperative and cooperative game theory
  • Dependencies across strategies—integration of financial, organizational, and product-market strategies
  • Intellectual-property protection—effects of different organizational forms on innovation incentives
Students gain exposure to the field of strategy by taking certain specialized courses, by having the opportunity to work with faculty in both the economics and the management departments at Stern (which has its own strategy track), and by attending seminars and colloquia in strategy.

Luis Cabral
Luís Cabral, Paganelli-Bull Professor of Economics and International Business

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