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Management Department Seminar Speaker Series


2016-2017 Management & Organizations Department Seminar Speaker Series
Speaker Series Date Affiliation
David Kirsch External Seminar  February 10, 2017 University of Maryland
Rosalind Chow External Seminar February 24, 2017 Carnegie Mellon
Rui de Figueiredo External Seminar March 03, 2017 Berkeley 
Stine Grodal External Seminar March 10, 2017 Boston University 
Ashleigh Rosette External Seminar March 24, 2017 Duke, Fuqua School of Business
Brian Silverman External Seminar March 31, 2017 University of Toronto
Alfonso Gambardella External Seminar  April 07, 2017 Bocconi University 

*Please note, all seminars will take place starting at 11:30am in Tisch 7-20

Management Department Seminars are typically closed to outside guests. If you are interested in attending, please contact Elizabeth Sherman at