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Faculty Spotlight

Stern Faculty Affairs Newsletter - May 2015

Susan Stehlik with Dn Henry and Dn Morrison at Stern Leadership Excellence AwardSusan Stehlik’s service to Stern is notable both in scope and breadth.  She began teaching in Stern’s Management Communication Program as an adjunct professor in 1999, and joined the full-time faculty in 2007.  Susan was elected to serve on NYU’s newly established Full-time Non-tenure Track Faculty Senator’s Council and also serves on the University’s Finance and Planning Committee and the University’s Benefits Committee. Within Stern, she serves on the CITL Faculty Advisory Committee, which is responsible for identifying and reviewing technology in the classroom. She is also a regular judge of case competitions for the Berkley Center, L’Oreal Brand Storm and Price Waterhouse, and has been a speaker at the Stern Women in Business conference. 

On top of all that, Susan played an instrumental role last year in organizing a group undergrad and graduate Stern women students to write a white paper on the Women’s Empowerment Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, which were presented to the Women’s Leadership Summit at the UN and at the annual Summit of International Business & Professional Women in South Korea.

STERNbusiness Alumni Magazine:
Bringing Back an Old Standard

STERNbusiness Bringing Back an Old Standard - imageThe Gould Standard, Stern’s undergraduate student newspaper, was founded during the spring 2012 semester. However, it embraces a medium whose demise has been predicted for several years. Maria Xing (BS ’15), the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, said that although The Gould Standard is available online, the newspaper’s executive board felt it was important that the publication was available in print as well.
... The idea was conceived by Lin Ling (BS ’14), the paper’s first editor-in-chief, while she was having lunch with Stern Undergraduate College Dean Geeta Menon in her junior year, together with several other students. Ling thought that The Gould Standard would be a great way for her peers to feel a sense of pride about Stern. Dean Menon encouraged Ling and her friends to investigate whether there was traction for this idea.
... In the fall 2014 semester, Stern Professor Jeffrey Younger joined The Gould Standard as its faculty adviser. He has helped the newspaper’s executive board take steps to develop long-term strategies to ensure The Gould Standard’s longevity, especially as the current executive board graduates over the next few years, and also advises on editorial strategy. “One of my goals has been to encourage students to move from summary to analysis in their writing,” said Younger, who teaches management communication at Stern. Read More >>

Brian Hanssen

an Adjunct Instructor in the Management Communication department, recently became a finalist in Taproot Foundation's "Make it Matter Challenge." Over 150 teams submitted ideas to help more nonprofits take advantage of quality pro bono resources. Brian and his teammate, Jonathan Chen, made it to the final four, traveling to LinkedIn's headquarters in Mountain View, CA to pitch their idea. Judges included LinkedIn's former Executive Chairman and co-Founder Reid Hoffman as well as other top executives in the social impact sector. Over 400 individuals from nonprofits and donor organizations were also in attendance.
Professor Hanssen believes that funding the staff time to manage pro bono projects keeps many nonprofits from taking full advantage of available resources. He proposed integrating an existing crowdfunding platform with popular pro bono provider sites, such as Taproot's Marketplace and LinkedIn's pro bono pages, allowing nonprofits to cover necessary costs and develop talent before even kicking off the engagement. Donors, providers, and beneficiaries become more interconnected, increasing accountability and raising awareness for nonprofits that are making smart use of resources.
Professor Hanssen and his teammate were runners up in the final competition, receiving funding and guidance from Reid Hoffman along the way. They are currently in discussions with partners on how to move the idea forward.