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About The Center

The Center for Measurable Marketing conducts timely and relevant research in Measurable Marketing, and provides thought leadership to promote an enhanced understanding of the value creation process and the ability to quantify marketing’s impact on business.

Through a broad array of experiential programs, we create meaningful relationships by bringing together academics, practitioners, and students to advance the development of marketing measurement.

Our Background
The concept for The Center was developed in response to industry demands for new techniques to assess and measure marketing's value and contribution to business. As business managers and marketing practitioners increasingly place their focus on goal-orientation and planning in the development and implementation of marketing strategies, there has been a simultaneous increase in the need for marketing metrics that can guide the development of strategy, and also assess its success.

Since it was founded, The Center has served as a bridge between the academic and practitioner communities on knowledge regarding the incorporation of measurement methodologies into marketing processes and outcomes.

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