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Our Strategic Goals

The Center’s strategic priorities flow from its core values and vision: Excellence in Leadership, Excellence in Scholarly Research, Excellence in Learning, The Free Exchange of Ideas, and Building Value for the University Community.

The Center for Measurable Marketing fulfills three major overlapping functions: Research & Relationships, Events, and Education.

Research & Relationships
Staff members at The Center for Measurable Marketing are actively engaged in a number of research projects, some of which are conducted in collaboration with industry leaders. The Center’s primary goals are to:
  • Create a Research Program
  • Develop a Working Paper Series
  • Compile a Database Collection
  • Build Industry Partnerships
  • Recruit Measurable Marketing Center Fellows
  • Develop a Practitioner Insights Newsletter

The Center for Measurable Marketing will continue to deliver and grow its events program, helping faculty, students, and practitioners to learn about the latest in Measurable Marketing, while attracting new interest from practitioners and academics previously unaffiliated with the Center. The Center plans to:
  • Hold Annual Conferences
  • Develop a Speaker Series for Academics & Ph.D.s
  • Host Workshops

The Center for Measurable Marketing will realize its goal of educating undergraduate and graduate level students through curriculum innovation, and various other means supporting student involvement in marketing metrics. Significant emphasis will be placed on enhancing course quality, development, and delivery. The Center will:
  • Develop & Improve Marketing Coursework
  • Run Lunch & Learns for Students
  • Award Scholarships
  • Increase Visibility among Student Groups

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