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Craig Stacey Speaks at L2 Social CRM Clinic

April 4, 2013
L2NYU Stern's Scott Galloway and L2 Think Tank hosted L2 Social CRM on April 4th. Research Director of CMM, E. Craig Stacey, presented a case study on How Consumer Brands Are Using Twitter and Facebook to Inspire Action. The talk highlighted several brands' CRM strategies, and identified best practices and avoidable pitfalls.

Calculating Social Media ROI @ Social Media Week

February 21, 2013
ARFE. Craig Stacey, Research Director of CMM, spoke as part of The ARF's workshop on Social Media Advertising ROI. He addressed how market mix modeling compares to household-level purchase measurement and why to consider both. Read more.

iMMedia-C Co-Creator & CMM Research Director Presents at ad:tech NY

November 7, 2012
ADTechE. Craig Stacey, Research Director of CMM, spoke as part of the "Media Measurement and ROI: Generate More Effective Campaigns" session during ad:tech NY. The panel focused on how marketers can best evaluate the success or failure of their ad spending. Stacey shared case studies detailing ROI and engagement results, and provided insights into the tools and services available to assess performance across all marketing channels.

eMetrics Summit: Marketing Mix Modeling in the Age of Attribution Headaches

October 3, 2012
eMetricsE. Craig Stacey, Research Director of CMM, discussed how Vector Autoregression explains the network of direct and indirect effects of paid, owned, earned, and shared media inherent in the circular consumer decision process. Read more.

Digital Shopper Marketing Summit: Marketing to the Omni-Channel Shopper

September 17, 2012
PMAE. Craig Stacey, Research Director of CMM, spoke at the Promotion Marketing Association’s Digital Shopper Marketing Summit: Marketing to the Omni-Channel Shopper, on September 19th. He discussed the latest techniques to assess and measure digital shopper marketing's value and contribution to business. Read more about the event.

Examining Word-of-Mouth Generation and Consumption

September 4, 2012
WOMRussell Winer, William H. Joyce Professor of Marketing, Chair of the Marketing Department, and Academic Director for CMM looks at word-of-mouth (WOM), which is playing an increasingly important role in shaping consumers' attitudes and buying behaviors. In this Marketing Science paper, he and a group of researchers build a discrete-choice model to study consumer WOM generation and WOM consumption decisions simultaneously to empirically answer questions that have not been explored before.

CMM Research Director Partners with C3 Metrics on Integrated Cross-Channel Marketing Mix Measurement

June 6, 2012
C3MetricsCMM's Research Director E. Craig Stacey partners with C3 Metrics to develop iMMedia-C - a scientific offering for marketers to learn the true impact of both their traditional and digital marketing spend. iMMedia-C helps to reduce risk around marketing decisions when identifying where, why, when, and how to spend marketing dollars. Read more.

CMM Partners with The International Conference on Online Measurement (I-COM)

April 30, 2012
I-COMCMM and I-COM have joined to create “Academics in Digital Measurement”, a global community of academics focused on the exchange of ideas in online marketing measurement. I-COM is an industry-backed forum for exploring data & measurement issues facing the digital advertising industry. As part of this collaboration, CMM and I-COM will connect academics with an interest in digital marketing measurement to showcase research, share insights, create a forum for engaging business leaders on new learnings, and share upcoming events.

CMM's Research Director Speaks at Advanced Analytics for High-Tech

April 25, 2012
E. Craig Stacey
, Research Director of CMM, presented a Super Bowl Case Study on TV Analytics & Social Media Impact on Sales & Key Brand Metrics at the Advanced Analytics for High-Tech Industry Summit. His joint presentation with TiVo's Greg DePalma, featured the Center's recent research on Conversational ROI. The IE Group's Summit brings together analytics leaders within the high-tech industry to focus on the solutions offered by innovative analytics.

John Bell of Ogilvy Discusses The Value of Integrated Social Media Marketing

April 20, 2012

OgilvyJohn Bell, Global Managing Director of Social@Ogilvy spoke with a group of students, faculty, and administrators on Ogilvy's approach to integrated social media marketing. Bell discussed the measurable value social media can return to business today, as presented through a 2011 study conducted by Social@Ogilvy on the sales impact of integrated social media. Read more about Center events.

The Center for Measurable Marketing presents a forum on "Measuring the Return on Marketing Investment"

March 29, 2012

ROMIOn March 28th, E. Craig Stacey, Research Director of CMM, spoke to Stern MBA students about the increased pressure faced by marketers to demonstrate how marketing expenditures add to shareholder value. Stacey provided a framework for assessing marketing productivity along with methods and models for measuring return on marketing investment. Read more about Center events.

Professor Henry Assael Wins ARF 2012 Great Mind Award

March 27, 2012
ARF Great MindProfessor Henry Assael's "From Silos to Synergy: A Fifty-Year Review of Cross-Media Research Shows Synergy Has Yet to Achieve its Full Potential", has won the award for best paper in the Journal of Advertising Research (JAR) in 2011. Professor Assael is the first recipient of this newly established award which is part of Advertising Research Foundation's Great Mind Awards. According to Assael, "the technology resulting in the proliferation of media has outstripped the means to measure cross-media effectiveness." Read the full paper.

NYU Stern Announces MBA Specialization in Digital Marketing

February 28, 2012

SternTo more formally prepare MBA students with the strategic and analytical skills to guide organizations navigating a digital world, NYU Stern has launched a Digital Marketing specialization. Starting in spring 2012, students have the opportunity to focus their studies on a mix of marketing and information systems (IS) courses that will equip them with the knowledge to create value in an increasingly complex and changing digital world. Read more.

Practitioners and Academics Convene for 2012 “Measurable Marketing in a Social World” Conference

January 26, 2012

Social WorldLeading academics and marketing professionals from around the world convened for NYU Stern’s Center for Measurable Marketing conference entitled, “Measurable Marketing in a Social World.” Attendees explored the latest research on social media metrics, social media’s impact and the integration of social media into the marketing mix. Read more.

The Center for Measurable Marketing Studies the Impact of Social Media on Store Traffic

January 26, 2012

Store TrafficCMM together with Crimson Hexagon, a provider of social media monitoring and analysis for brand insights and market research professionals, today revealed important data that demonstrates the ROI of social media for a major retail brand. CMM's findings suggest that Social Media Drives More Retail Store Traffic than Traditional Media. Read more.

"Measurable Marketing in a Digital World" Conference Addresses How To Measure Marketing Efforts in Today's Digital Landscape

May 26, 2011

Digital WorldMeasurable Marketing in a Digital World brought together academics, marketers, and industry experts to explore the largest challenges facing advertisers, the latest in digital media, how organizations should be measuring the effectiveness and ROI of digital advertising, and how to take advantage of cross media synergies. Keynote speaker Robert Birge, Chief Marketing Officer of Kayak.com, shared his experiences with online to offline marketing. Read more.

Professor Russell Winer Accepts the AMA/Irwin/McGraw-Hill Distinguished Marketing Educator Award

February 19, 2011

Russ WinerRuss Winer, William H. Joyce Professor of Marketing and Academic Director of The Center for Measurable Marketing, accepted the AMA/Irwin/McGraw-Hill Distinguished Marketing Educator Award at the AMA’s 2011 Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference on February 19 in Austin, Texas. Established in 1985, the award is given annually to a long-standing leader in marketing education who has made extensive and sustained contributions to the marketing discipline. Read more.