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Courses in Measurable Marketing

Courses offered through the Center provide an essential foundation in marketing measurement to students interested in pursuing careers in marketing professionals. Our courses teach metrics and techniques essential to motivating organizations.


MBA Courses

  Data Driven Decision Making (MKTG-GB.2354)
This course is designed to train students in a wide spectrum of quantitative problems that they are likely to encounter in the workplace. More generally, it should instill a general analytical intuition that enables students to analyze and comprehend contemporary issues such as the housing bubble, projections of government deficits, or climate change. In other words, it should help students to become educated consumers of news, issues, and challenges facing the society. Unlike most marketing and statistics classes that focus on conceptual material, this course will
provide skills to translate conceptual understanding into specific operational plans – a skill in increasing demand in the business world.

Marketing Metrics & Strategic Decisions (MKTG-GB.2180)
he marketing measurements/metrics focused on in this course typically fall into three broad categories: capabilities, inputs, and outputs. Capabilities are the strength and resources possessed by an organization. Inputs refer to the effort and budget put into various marketing resources/activities. Outputs refer to the impact of those activities on the customer, product-market, and financial-market levels. This course focuses on providing you with the tools and approaches to gauge the impact of marketing expenditures. More specifically you will learn the currently available marketing metrics, determine the most appropriate marketing measures (Key Performance Measures-KPI) for a company, determine whether data is available or needs to created, and how to construct a marketing measurement system or dashboard to enable return on marketing Investment (ROMI)-driven decisions.

Undergraduate Courses

  Data Driven Decision Making (MKTG-UB.0054)
With recent technological advances and developments in customer databases, firms have access to vast amounts of high-quality data which allows them to understand customer behavior, and customize business tactics to increasingly fine segments, However, much of the promise of such data-driven policies has failed to materialize because managers find it difficult to translate customer data into actionable policies. This course aims to fill the gap by providing students with the tools and techniques used in making business decisions. The emphasis of the class is on applications and interpretation of the results for use in making real life business decisions.

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