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Working Papers

by Current Faculty and Ph.D. Students

Title Authors
Harnessing Hope and Avoiding Anxiety:
The Role of Uncertain Emotions in Health Message Effectiveness
Agrawal, Nidhi and Geeta Menon
The Short- and Long-term Impacts of Fashion Knockoffs on Original Items Appel, Gil, Barak Libai, and Eitan Muller
When Two is Better than One: Polarization and Compromise in Unrestricted Choice Bonezzi, Andrea, Alexander Chernev, and Aaron Brough
Attributes from Afar, Objects in Close-Up: The Effect of Distance from Self on Information Search Borovoi, Leah, Nira Liberman, and Yaacov Trope
When Consumers Choose to Restrict Their Options: Regret Priming and Choice Set Size Preference Bulbul, Cenk and Tom Meyvis
The Truth Never Stands in the Way of a Good Story: Sharpening and Leveling in the Marketplace of Ideas Burrus, Jeremy, Justin Kruger, and Amber Jergens
The Interpersonal Implications of Stealing the Glory Burrus, Jeremy, Justin Kruger, Kenneth Savitsky and Hyun-Young Park
Selling the Forest, Buying the Trees: Mental Representation of Endowments Caglar Irmak, Cheryl J. Wakslak, and Yaacov Trope
Using Single-Neuron Recording in Marketing: Opportunities, Challenges, and an Application to Fear Enhancement in Communications  Cerf, Moran, Eric Greenleaf, Tom Meyvis, and Vicki Morwitz
Out of Sight, Out of Mind: On the Irrational Side of Egocentrism in Social Comparisons Chambers, John, Justin Kruger, and Steve Chan
Consumer Learning and Evolution of Consumer Brand Preferences Che, Hai, Tülin Erdem, and Sabri Öncü
How Much Do Consumers Know About the Quality of Products? Evidence from the Diaper Market Ching, Andrew, Tülin Erdem, and Michael Keane
Empirical Model of New Product Launch Cohen, Michael
The Generalized Extreme Value Multinomial Choice Model for Skewed Preference Cohen, Michael
Marketing Solar Energy Craig, Samuel
Issues Underlying the Prediction of Behavior Craig, Samuel, B. Sternthal, and A. Tybout
Marketing Energy Conservation to Residential Consumers of Electricity Craig, Samuel, J. McCann, and C. Stannard
An Experimental Approach to the Study of Diffusion Agency Establishment Processes Craig, Samuel and L.A. Brown
Consumer Evaluation of Product Information by Source: An Application of Conjoint Measurement Craig, Samuel and V.R. Rao
Survey Participation Effects on Customer Purchase Behavior: Increased Judgment Accessibility or Positivity? Dholakia, Utpal M., Vicki Morwitz, and Robert Westbrook
The Danger of Strong Ties: How
Interpersonal Closeness Influences Word-of-Mouth Valence
Dubois, David, Andrea Bonezzi, and Matteo De Angelis
The Role of Preference Discovery in Product Search: When Consumers Don't Know What They Don't Know Dzyabura, Daria
Assortment Optimization Under Consumer Uncertainty Dzyabura, Daria and Srikanth Jagabathula
Reading Fictional Stories and Winning Delayed Prizes: The Surprising Emotional Impact of Distant Events Ebert, Jane E.J. and Tom Meyvis
Economic Development and Brand Credibility Erdem, Tülin, Joffre Swait, and Ana Valenzuela
If It’s Thursday, Obama Must Be Leading: The Effects of Short Term Biases in Political Polls Erickson, Lance, Edith Shalev, and Vicki Morwitz
Optimal Three-Part Tariff Plans Fibich, Gadi, Roy Klein, Oded Koendigsberg, and Eitan Muller
Too Much of a Good Thing: Insensitivity to Rate of Consumption Leads to Unforeseen Satiation Galak, Jeff, Justin Kruger, and George Loewenstein
Not in My Backyard: The Influence of Arbitrary Political Boundaries on Consumer Choice Galak, Jeff, Justin Kruger, and Paul Rozin
Customer versus Firm-Initiated Contact: Factors that Affect Satisfaction in Web and Retail Shopping Environments Greenleaf, Eric, Vicki Morwitz, and Russ Winer
Promotional Composite Brand Alliances: The Influence of Partners and Promotion on Brand Associations Janiszewski, Chris, Lien Kwee, and Tom Meyvis
Focalism in Evaluations of Purchase Decisions Justin Kruger, Jeremy Burrus
Getting Credit for What You Didn't Do: The Feature-Positive Effect in Judgments of Responsibility Kenneth Savitsky, Robert M. Adelman, and Justin Kruger
Malleable Memories: The Role of Mindsets in Reconstructing History Kyung, Ellie, Geeta Menon, and Yaacov Trope
Not All Compensatory Strategies Are Created Equal: Behavioral Consequences of Within- vs. Across-Domain Compensation Lisjak, Monika, Andrea Bonezzi, Soo Kim and Derek Rucker
Distance at a Distance: Perspective-Dependent Effects Common to Different Psychological Distances Maglio, Sam J. and Yaacov Trope
Switching Between Pricing Schedules: A Dynamic Advantage for Flat Rates Meyvis, Tom and Jinhong Xie
The Day the Leader Left: Social Leadership in Small Groups Moldovan, Sarit, Eitan Muller, Yossi Richter, and Elad Yom-Tov
Using Single-Neuron Recording in Marketing: Opportunities, Challenges, and an Application to Fear Enhancement in Communications Moran Cerf, Eric Greenleaf, Tom Meyvis, and Vicki Morwitz
The Price does not Include Additional Taxes, Fees, and Surcharges: A Review of Research on Partitioned Pricing Morwitz, Vicki G., Eric A. Greenleaf, Edith Shalev, and Eric J. Johnson
Colors: Competition on the Consideration Set Muller, Eitan, and Roni Shachar
Acceleration and Acquisition in Word-of-Mouth Programs Muller, Eitan, Barak Libai, and Renana Peres
The Effect of Usage Uncertainty on Mobile Phone Package Size and Subscribers' Choices Muller, Eitan, Raghu Iyenga, and Oded Koenigsberg
Opinion Leadership in Small Groups Muller, Eitan, Sarit Moldovan, Yossi Richter, and Elad Yom-Tov
Competition in the Television Market Generates Advertising Clutter Muller, Eitan, Sherif Nasser, and Henry Assael
Feeling Immoral about Money: How Moral Emotions Influence Spending Decisions Park, Hyun Young and Tom Meyvis
The Selfish Side of Advice Giving: Advice as a Device to Restore Control Peluso Alessandro, Andrea Bonezzi, Derek Rucker, and Matteo De Angelis
Judgments about Others' Behavior: The Effects of Episodic Information versus Implicit Theories on Accuracy Phillips, Joan, Barbara A. Bickart, and Geeta Menon
On the Consequences of Scarcity: When Limited Resources Promote Agentic Responses Roux, Caroline, Kelly Goldsmith, and Andrea Bonezzi
I Want to be Alone: The Role of Time Horizon Perspective on the Valuation and Devaluation of Social Presence Sellier, Anne Laure and Vicki Morwitz
Why an Ethical Mindset Fosters Creativity Sellier, Anne-Laure and Darren Dahl
Persuasion with Emotion Versus Cognition: The Emotional Matching Effect Overrides Cognitive Matching Effects Sellier, Anne-Laure, C.M. Brendl, and A. Chattopadhyay
Balancing Ideal Affects in the Pursuit of Happiness Sellier, Anne-Laure, Gita V. Johar, and Jennifer L. Aaker
Modeling the Interdependent Effect of Word-of-Mouth Transmission and Reception" Sha Yang, Mantien Hu, Russell Winer, and Henry Assael
Modeling Consumer Choice with Dyadic Learning and Information Sharing: An Intra-household Analysis Sha Yang, Yi Zhao, Tulin Erdem, and Daeyoung Koh
Saving the Masses: The Role of Perceived Efficacy in Charitable Giving Sharma, Eesha and Vicki Morwitz
Shocks to Brand Equity: An Information Economics Perspective on the US Auto Industry 2006-2010 Swait, Joffre, Tülin Erdem, and Tom Peters
When the Personal Becomes Interpersonal: Public Posturing and Stigma Avoidance in Unrealistic Optimism Sweldens, Steven, Stefano Puntoni, Justin Kruger, and Martin Vissers
When Does Expensive Food Taste Better? Top-Down and Bottom-Up Processing in Price-Quality Inferences Thomas, Manoj, Vicki Morwitz, Leonard Lodish, and Jin Seok Pyone
Hard Times Call for Durable Goods: Financial Constraints Increase Preference for Material Purchases by Focusing Consumers on Longevity Tully, Stephanie M., Hal E. Hershfield, and Tom Meyvis
The Social and Marketing Influences on and the Behavioral Consequences of Alcohol Consumption on U.S. College Campuses: An Empirical Investigation Yang, Sha, Ellie Kyung, and Geeta Menon
Modeling Consumer Choice with Dyadic Learning and Information Sharing: An Intra-household Analysis Yang, Sha, Yi Zhao, Tülin Erdem, and Daeyoung Koh
* Working papers by Marketing Department Faculty are in red, while those by past and current doctoral students are noted in blue.