NYU Stern


Help us develop the next generation of entrepreneurs


Program: Entrepreneurs Challenge Venture Competitions

Role: Read & score 3-5 five-page feasibility analyses; scores determine semi-finalists

Estimated Time: 2 hours

Location: Online


Program: Entrepreneurs Challenge Venture Competitions

Role: Serve on a panel that meets with teams to help refine their concepts and give them feedback. Usually see 3-4 teams in an evening. Coaching sessions occur over two evenings. Volunteers can participate 1 or both evenings

Estimated Time: 3 ½ hours (1 or 2 evenings) during Fall semester

Location: On-Campus

Venture Advisors

Program: Venture Services Startup Teams

Role: Serve as a sounding board for semi-finalists of your choosing. Work closely with these teams, often while paired with other volunteers, to help them refine their concepts, business models, business plans and pitches in preparation for the competition.

Estimated Time: 3-6 hours/month each semester

Location: In-person and/or online

Help Desk Experts

Program: Venture Services

Role: Individuals with functional or industry expertise (e.g., accounting, legal, marketing, programming, strategic planning, retail, IT, web 2.0, fashion, media, etc.) agree to hold “office hours” on campus or virtually via Skype or email. They provide one-on-one assistance to ventures in need of a sounding board or help troubleshooting.

Estimated Time: 3-12 hours/month

Location: On-Campus and online