NYU Stern

Invent. Protect. Commercialize. Repeat.

Collectively, NYU students, alumni and faculty generate hundreds of great ideas (new products, internet business solutions, software products, medical devices, business models, advanced algorithms, chemical processes, research products, etc.) and have the capacity to generate even more. However, many ideas never end of benefiting society because the creators don't know how to refine ideas, turn ideas into assets and bring ideas to market.

The Innovation Lab is a seminar series designed to train you how to systematically and repeatedly create commercially-viable innovations, yielding a large and diverse portfolio of novel products, services and business models for sale and licensing to industry.

All NYU students, alumni, faculty and staff are invited to apply to this program. No prior technical or business experience required nor preferred!

Areas of Innovation

Possible interests include but are not limited to:
  • Video games
  • Government IT modernization
  • Online music services
  • Biotech
  • Medical devices
  • Scientific computing/Applied math algorithms to software
  • Advanced operations research systems
  • Software tools for economic analysis