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Venture Competitions

Discover step-by-step how to start a business.

15th Annual New Venture Competition - $75,000 Rennert Prize

The NYU Stern New Venture Competition challenges aspiring entrepreneurs and those excited by the new venture creation process to take their ideas from concept to market.  Winners compete for a share of the $75,000 Rennert Prize named after the program's benefactor, Ira Leon Rennert, a Stern alumnus and successful entrepreneur.

Over the past 14 years, the New Venture Competition has awarded $825,000 in startup cash, pro bono services and technical assistance to 34 innovative companies and has been instrumental in the successful launching of dozens more.


11th Annual Social Venture Competition - $50,000 Social Venture Prize

The NYU Stern Social Venture Competition was started to recognize and support the growing number of students and alumni interested in using their business and entrepreneurial skills to create innovative approaches to tackling social problems, here and abroad.

Winners of the Social Venture Competition vie for a portion of the $50,000 Social Venture Prize.

Over the past eleven years, the Social Venture Competition has awarded more than $900,000 in prize money, pro bono services and technical assistance to ten innovative social enterprises and has provided a springboard for launching many more.

The Social Impact Business Challenge gives Stern undergraduates the chance to develop a business that creates “shared value.” Drawing on concepts learned in the Social Impact Core Curriculum, the winning venture may rethink existing products or markets, redefine productivity in the value chain, or enable local cluster development. Students may also present an entirely new approach to the creation of economic, social and environmental value. The winning team receives up to $20,000 and automatic entry into the semi finals of the Social Venture Competition.


4th Annual NYU Technology Venture Competition - $75,000 Prize

The NYU Technology Venture Competition serves as a catalyst for the creation of new and the acceleration of existing early stage businesses based on technologies developed by NYU students, faculty and researchers.

Sponsored by the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, the competition awards a total of $75,000 in cash prizes, plus pro bono services and technical assistance to the winners.  

NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, serves as a catalyst for the formation of new and the acceleration of existing early stage startups based on NYU innovations.