NYU Stern

Resources for Teams


The Entrepreneurs Challenge offers workshops, team-building events, networking forums and coaching sessions held on campus from September – May.
  • Boot camps and clinics - Sharpen your skills and learn how to bring creative ideas to markets.
  • Networking Events - Building a solid management team is as important as the business plan you develop. Take the opportunity to network within the NYU community to tap expertise different than your own or to find other teams in-development where you might be a good fit.
  • Coaching Sessions – Obtain individualized feedback and coaching on your venture from a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors.
  • Legal Advice – Access to the Legal Help Desk
Boot Camp 1, Professor Luke Williams, 9/28/14
Boot Camp 2, Professor Luke Williams, 10/19/14 and Professor Cynthia Franklin, 10/19/14
Pricing Strategy for Startups, Professor Jeffrey Carr
Measuring Social Impact, Professor Jill Kickul, 11/2/14
Operations and Finance,  Joseph Ferrara, New York Angel
How to Approach the Feasibility Analysis, Professor Cynthia Franklin
How to Pitch your Venture in 6 Minutes, Professor Susan Stehlik