NYU Stern

2000-2001 Competition Winners

Traditional Business Track Winner

Nanocs International, Inc.
Founders: Eric Sun, Nina J. Ahluwalia (MBA XX), Jennifer Zhao(PhD XX)

Nanocs has developed a line of products aimed at the application and commercialization of nanotechnology, a miniaturization process that has found wide application in biotechnology and manufacturing.

Traditional Business Track Runner-ups

Shrimp Factory
Founder: John Culley (MBA ’01)

The Shrimp Factory features an intensive re-circulating aquaculture system, aiming to be the sole provider of fresh shrimp to the northeastern corridor during the off-season. The Shrimp Factory’s cultivation system guarantees year round delivery of desired sizes and quantities of fresh shrimp to high-end seafood distributors.

N Space Labs, Inc.
Founders: Sarah Kroon (MBA ’01) , Benson Chiles and Doug Shore

N Space Labs designs proprietary software that enables faster and better decision-making through comprehensive data visualization by utilizing technology that combines Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping and multi-dimensional scaling.