NYU Stern

2009-2010 Competition Winners

New Venture Competition Winner
Susanne Greenfield (BS, ’06) and Melanie Moore

offers the most coveted designer handbags and accessories at 40-70 percent off retail through an online Dutch auction.

Social Venture Competition

America Smiles
Chirag Sadana (MBA, ’12) and Alex Ruano
America Smiles aims to bring oral healthcare to millions of Americans who do not have adequate access to dental care.

Water Canary
NYU Stern MBA student Geetika Agrawal (MBA, ’10); John Dimatos, Zoe Fraade-Blanar and Sonaar Luthra of the NYU Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program; and Abigail Keene-Babcock of the Acumen Fund

Addressing a public emergency – the fact that three million people die each year because of contaminated water –  Water Canary have teamed up to develop the Water Canary, a low-cost, fast water testing device. In addition to reliable water testing, the Water Canary provides network data, aimed at reducing the time and funds needed to respond to natural disasters. With this technology, first responders will be able to quickly identify safe and unsafe water supplies, and target their efforts to areas in need.