NYU Stern

2010-2011 Competition Winners

CourseHorseSee & Be SeenAnzenna
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12th Annual New Venture Competition

Nihal Parthasarathi, NYU Stern 2008
Katie Kapler, NYU College of Arts and Sciences 2008

CourseHorse is a community course catalog that partners with local education providers to make recreational classes easier for New Yorkers to find and enroll in. Students may browse, or filter classes by schedule, curriculum, price and location, with the ability to then enroll directly into the desired course. By centralizing course info and reviews, CourseHorse aims to simplify he class research process and increase enrollment in programs offered within communities.

Audience Choice Award - Showcased International

8th Annual Social Venture Competition

See & Be Seen
Michael Drexler, NYU MS 2011
Ben Lillienthal, NYU Stern MBA 2004
Kelley Litzner, NYU Stern MBA 2011
Lindsay Newman, NYU PhD 2012
Jeffrey Witte, Founder, Amend.org; S&BS partner NGO

See & Be Seen produces and distributes reflector-enhanced book bags made for African children ages 5-14 in Tanzania and Ghana to help reduce the threat of road traffic injuries (RTI). By arming these children with bags communicating caution and encouraging road safety, See & Be Seen LLC hopes to reduce a leading cause of death, injury and disability in Africa.

Audience Choice Award - See & Be Seen

1st Annual NYU Technology Venture Competition

Kalle Levon, NYU Poly, professor
Samir Ajmera, NYU Poly BS, 2007; MS 2008
Margarita Shinder, NYU Stern 2012
Avdar San

Anzenna is a biotechnology company working to develop a disruptive transistor-based biosensor to detect biological reactions such as DNA hybridization and protein binding for disease detection. By leveraging the semiconductor industry’s manufacturing infrastructure, Anzenna plans to provide an integrated diagnostic device capable of performing multiple tests with label-free simplicity and speed at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions.

Audience Choice Award - Anzenna