NYU Stern

2012-2013 Entrepreneurs Challenge

Competition Winners

NYU Technology Venture Competition Winners

The NYU Technology Venture Prize of $75,000, which is sponsored by the NYU Innovation Venture Fund, was awarded to two ventures – Oculogica and Databetes.


Oculogica founders, Uzma Samadani MD. (NYU staff member), Stephan Ogilvie (Stern, '04), and Robert Ritlop (Stern, '14), were awarded $50,000 for their low-cost diagnostic device that detects concussions and other head trauma with zero radiation exposure.


Founders, Doug Kanter (Tisch, ITP, '13), D'arcy Saum, and Ryan Viglizzo (Tisch, ITP, '13), of Databetes were awarded $25,000.
Databetes explores new ways of using data to improve health outcomes for people with diabetes. It is uniquely positioned to provide web and mobile-based software delivering data-driven clinical and educational services.

Social Venture Competition Winner

The Social Venture Prize of $50,000 was awarded to Kinvolved.


Kinvolved, founded by Miriam Altman (Wagner, MPA, '13), Alexandra Meis (Wagner, MPA, '13), and Barrie Charney Golden (Wagner/Stern, MPA/MBA, '14), seeks to improve classroom attendance, particularly among underserved students. It's web app allows teachers to communicate attendance information to families via email/SMS. Kinvolved also helps schools use the app's data to identify and to implement solutions to address underlying causes of truancy.

New Venture Competition Winner

The Ira Leon Rennert Prize of $75,000 was made possible by a gift from NYU Stern alumnus and member of Stern's Board of Overseers, Ira Leon Rennert (MBA, '56). This New Venture Prize was awarded to Smart Vision Labs.

smart vision labs
Smart Vision Labs

Founders, Marc Albanese (Stern, '08) and Yaopeng Zhou (Stern, '14), of Smart Vision Labs developed the Smart Aberrometer, a portable vision examination device. With a single snap shot, the Smart Aberrometer will be able to measure refractive errors of the eye and generate prescriptions – all without patient interactions. The pocket sized, low cost device uses the flash light and camera of the smartphone, combined with an add-on microlens array. The Smart Aberrometer will dramatically improve the way people get their vision evaluated.