Working with Mentors

Every venture is unique in its status, needs, trajectory and priorities. There is no single set process; your mentoring program will be custom crafted on-the-fly. Sessions tend to fall into one of the following categories:
  • Brainstorming – free-wheeling sessions to explore concepts and alternatives.
  • Targeted - focused on solving a particular question or problem. For example, the critique of your investor pitch.
  • One-on-one – used to provide guidance on very narrow issues, such as financial projections, technical questions, or the review of patent and intellectual property positions.
  • Reviews and Updates – meetings to keep us up to speed during those periods when you are in an execution phase.
Remember: We provide advice and guidance; you provide the “do”. This is your business venture, not ours. The decisions and execution are up to you.

The NYU Stern Venture Mentor Network (VMN) provides individualized help and guidance to NYU students, alumni, faculty and staff who are trying to start or grow entrepreneurial ventures.  If you are interested in talking with a New Venture Adviser, apply online.