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Prof. Vasant Dhar co-hosts a discussion with Michael Rhodin about IBM’s Watson program

April 18, 2014
IBM Dhar + RhodinRhodin, Senior Vice President of IBM's Watson program, discussed the transition from the programmable systems era to the cognitive systems era to a standing room only crowd of students, faculty and administrators. He went on to discuss the extensive entrepreneurial endeavors related to Watson, which motivated them to open a new office at Astor Place, close to NYU and Silicon Alley.

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In an op-ed with CNBC, Prof. Vasant Dhar advocates for more transparency with high-frequency trading

April 16, 2014

CNBC_CBAExcerpt from CNBC – Dhar asks, ‘What if the entire data trail of the stock market were available to everyone after the end of the trading period, such as a day or a week?’

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Prof. Anindya Ghose comments in the Wall Street Journal on mommy blogger influence on the $23 billion baby products industry

April 15, 2014
WSJ_CBA Excerpt from the Wall Street Journal – “When they need to launch a new product, they need to go to the influencers,” Ghose says. “And mommy bloggers are obviously very influential.”

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Prof. Arun Sundararajan comments on the future impact of equity crowdfunding on small businesses in Bloomberg Businessweek

April 9, 2014
Bloomberg CBA Logo
Excerpt from Bloomberg Businessweek – “It’s going to be a big market and it’s going to change how a lot of small businesses finance themselves.”

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Prof. Anindya Ghose chats with Bloomberg TV’s ‘Market Makers’ about the Facebook backlash following the Oculus deal

March 28, 2014
Bloomberg CBA Logo
Excerpt from Bloomberg TV – “There is a difference in expectation between the people who give on reward based platforms between the people who donate or give on equity based platforms.”

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Prof. Anindya Ghose predicts some hesitation prior to future crowdfunding donations based on Facebook’s recent purchase of Oculus

March 26, 2014
CBA Time Magazine
Excerpt from Time – “In the future, donors will be a lot more circumspect and skeptical about putting in money, especially in projects where they could have even an inkling of an idea that this might be bought out by a tech giant.”

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Prof. Vasant Dhar advocates for disruption in higher education + offers potential innovations in a Financial Times Op-Ed published today

March 24, 2014

CBA FT LOGOExcerpt from the Financial Times - Universities "should create structures for education spin-offs...By taking equity positions in such spin-offs and providing infrastructure and brand in return, these focused education providers could be an invaluable source of data and innovation for universities while also blunting the threats emerging from the new entrants." 

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Ben Plomion of Chango interviews Prof. Anindya Ghose on data and the future of digital marketing

March 19, 2014
Business 2 Community
Excerpt from Business 2 Community – Marketers can assess the value of their data through “one of my favorite methodological tools, randomized experiments. I like randomized trials or experiments because they deliver causal interpretations rather than correlations. Correlations are valuable, to be sure, but causal understanding of data is more valuable because it provides actionable insight.”
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How are robots impacting the economy and job development? Prof. Vasant Dhar weighs in on Bloomberg TV

March 14, 2014
Bloomberg CBA LogoExcerpt from Bloomberg TV interview – Prof. Dhar asserts that it is important to differentiate between the short and long-term when considering technology’s impact on job loss and job creation.

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Professor Anindya Ghose shares his thoughts on regulation in China with CNCNEWS

March 12, 2014

Anindya CBAExcerpt from CNCNEWS – "In a market like China, you would want some sort of government regulation to enforce that only accredited investors can come and participate in these markets and on of top that, you also want a seller-policing community in place."

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The New York Times features Prof. Arun Sundararajan’s regulation framework for peer-to-peer businesses

March 3, 2014

NYTIMESLOGO Excerpt from the New York Times - “The solution is to delegate more regulatory responsibility to the marketplaces and platforms while preserving some government oversight, by creating new self-regulatory organizations like those that have succeeded in other markets and industries,” Sundararajan says.

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Prof. Vasant Dhar is named Editor-in-Chief of the innovative, peer-reviewed journal Big Data

February 27, 2014
CBA Vasant DharExcerpt from Big Data  - “Professor Dhar brings his vision and in-depth knowledge, insight, and experience to the Journal.”

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Prof. Arun Sundararajan comments on Uber in a recent GQ article

February 27, 2014

Excerpt from GQ – “It's almost like you're inventing a new way of organizing your day because you can get a car in three minutes. You can define a new lifestyle for yourself.”

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Prof. Arun Sundararajan offers his analysis on the recent Mt. Gox shutdown during a recent interview with Reuters Insider

February 25, 2014

CBA Reuters LogoExcerpt from Reuters Insider interview – Prof. Sundararajan shared that Bitcoin isn’t well understood right now. It isn’t a currency in so much as it is a commodity. Bitcoin is something that people are trading for trading profits rather than using it in a widespread way.
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Research by Profs. Anindya Ghose and Sha Yang indicates that being ranked number one in organic search sometimes results in lower profitability

Business 2 CommunityFebruary 18, 2014
Excerpt from Business 2 Community – Due to the competitive internet marketing landscape “just because you rank number one for something does not mean that you’re making the most money off of it.”

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Crowdsourcing research by NYU Stern Prof. John Horton, along with Profs. Ajay Agrawal, Nicola Lacetera and Elizabeth Lyons is featured by the New York Times

February 15, 2014
Excerpt from the New York Times – Outsourcing “has the potential to redistribute global wealth… For businesses hiring people for one-time projects in areas like software development, website design, customer service and translation, there is no longer a need to stay local.”

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Poets & Quants names Prof. Anindya Ghose one of the best 40 Business School professors under 40

February 12, 2014

Anindya CBAExcerpt from Poets & Quants – Anindya Ghose’s “investigations into the economic consequences of social media, digital advertising, and mobile advertising are his claim to fame. He is an expert in quantifying the economic value of user-generated content on social media; examining the economics of search engine advertising; modeling consumer behavior on the mobile Internet; and measuring the welfare impact of the Internet.”

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Research on big data by Profs. Foster Provost + Sonny Tambe referenced by Quartz

February 3, 2014
quartz logo
Excerpt from Quartz - 'Using more sparse data leads to an economic advantage...with sparse data, there's no such thing as enough.'

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Prof. Arun Sundararajan testifies before House of Representatives on the sharing economy

January 16, 2014

financial times logo featureExcerpt from Financial Times - "Urban residents have shared their assets and space informally for centuries, but innovative network technologies and social tools have made co-producing, lending, trading and renting assets cheaper and easier than ever before -- and therefore possible on a much larger scale," said Sundararajan.

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Analytics Week names Profs. Anindya Ghose + Arun Sundararajan two of the Top 200 Thought Leaders in Big Data & Analytics

January 14, 2014

analytics week logoExcerpt from Analytics Week - "We wanted to identify the top 200 Thought Leaders in the field of Big Data and Analytics that are influencing and changing the data and analytics world today."

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Prof. Vasant Dhar interviewed about IBM's Watson

January 9, 2014

marketplace radio logo featureExcerpt from Marketplace - "The strategy they've followed so far doesn't seem to me to be the path to riches."

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Congrats to Profs. Anindya Ghose + Sang Pil Han whose paper 'Estimating Demand for Mobile Applications in the New Economy', was accepted by Management Science for their issue dedicated to business analytics

January 1, 2014

CBA AnindyaExcerpt from 'Estimating Demand for Mobile Applications in the New Economy' - "The increasing availability of mobile users' behavior data from apps presents exciting opportunities for business analytics, especially in mobile customer analytics."

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Prof. Arun Sundararajan quoted in the New York Times on potential challenges of licensing business models within the sharing economy

October 26, 2013

new york times logo featureExcerpt from the New York Times - The licensing approach is reasonable, but susceptible to problems. "They run a higher risk of bad consumer experiences," Sundararajan says.

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Prof. Anindya Ghose comments on Vine, Amazon's club for top reviewers, on National Public Radio's Planet Money podcast

October 25, 2013

npr logo featureMembers of the VINE club receive merchandise from Amazon in exchange for reviews. Prof. Anindya Ghose questions if receiving merchandise creates bias among Amazon's reviewers.

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LA Times quotes Prof. Anindya Ghose in light of new SEC rules on equity crowdfunding

October 23, 2013

los angeles times logo featureExcerpt from the LA Times - "The potential for crowdfunding is immense, and we've just barely scratched the tip of the iceberg," said Anindya Ghose, a New York University professor who studies crowdfunding.

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Statistics professor Jeffrey Simonoff edits new book 'The SAGE Handbook of Multilevel Modeling'

October 17, 2013

The SAGE Handbook of Multilevel ModelingCongratulations to NYU Profs. Jeff Simonoff + Marc Scott on editing the new release 'The SAGE Handbook of Multilevel Modeling,' a combination of cross disciplinary thinking and best practices for longitudinal / panel data and clustered data.

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In his WIRED opinion piece, Prof. Vasant Dhar posits that Google is more vulnerable to disruption than you might think

October 5, 2013

wired logo featureExcerpt from WIRED - "Watson can do lots of things that people actually care about. It has the intelligence to make sense of the data strewn all over the internet; it can even summarize complex legal cases, answer health issues, and much more. Watson is a thinking machine that needs supercomputers at the moment (this isn't a theoretical requirement). Google is a retrieval machine with a scalable architecture of massive amounts of simple processors and storage. Together, these IT competencies would provide a formidable combination of a machine that can remember, know, and think."

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Prof. Arun Sundararajan identifies the importance of nurturing confidence and navigating uncertainty in the sharing economy

September 27, 2013

los angeles times logo featureExcerpt from LA Times - "When you check into a hotel, you know what to do," Sundararajan says. "It's part of the cultural dialogue. There's no uncertainty with that consumption experience." When you book accommodations through Airbnb, however, "there are lots of uncertainties. How are you supposed to interact with the owners? What about the guests in the living room? Can you open the kitchen cabinet? We need to learn how rapidly these sharing experiences are becoming normal," Sundararajan says.

TIME references research by Prof. Anindya Ghose, predicts crowdfunding spike as direct investment laws loosen

September 24, 2013

CBA TIMEExcerpt from TIME - Some worry that deregulation of startup investing will lead to inexperienced investors being duped into bad deals. "That's the flip side of opening this up to the rest of the world," says Anindya Ghose, a professor of information, operation and management sciences at New York University who also studies crowdfunding. "You might end up hurting a lot of people who don't need to be hurt."

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Prof. Anindya Ghose identifies the rising demand for analytics training in business school marketing classes.

July 30, 2013

bloomberg businessweek logo featureExcerpt from Bloomberg Businessweek - 'There is a huge focus on the quality and quantity of data and how it can be harnessed to take businesses to the next level' says Prof. Anindya Ghose in a recent Businessweek article about business schools including social media data and analytics in marketing courses.

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IEDP highlights NYU Stern's commitment to finance exemplified by crowdfunding research by Profs. Anindya Ghose, Gordon Burtch and Sunil Wattal.

July 28, 2013

iedp blogExcerpt from iedp - 'Crowdfunding has emerged as a fast growing alternative form of enterprise finance. 2013 estimates for crowdfunding top $5.1 billion, an 89% increase from 2012' - IEDP highlights NYU Stern's commitment to finance via the recent appointment of Sir Mervyn King to the faculty + the crowdfunding research by Profs. Anindya Ghose, Gordon Burtch and Sunil Wattal.

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Prof. Anindya Ghose weighs in on social commerce firm Wanelo

July 26, 2013

fox business logo featureExcerpt from Fox Business - 'As shoppers in the U.S. continue flocking to digital stores, the number of consumers turning to mobile apps is also increasing. More than 60% of consumers are accessing the ecommerce world from their phones and tablets, according to Anindya Ghose, co-director of the Center for Business Analytics and professor at NYU Stern School of Business.'

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Prof. Arun Sundararajan comments on disruption and the use of big data in the television industry.

July 25, 2013

yahoo finance logo featureTechnology like Roku and Aero that offer consumers more choices and streaming channels are using big data to inform original content like House of Cards, which Sundararajan describes as 'the first show based on the collective wisdom of what people actually liked.'

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Prof. Kristen Sosulski & Ted Bongiovanni Publish The Savvy Student's Guide to Online Learning

July 17, 2013

CBA Kristen 2Data visualization expert Professor Kristen Sosulski co-authored a book that prepares students to be successful online learners. The book reviews common online platforms and tools, as well as specific techniques, giving students the confidence to navigate the online classroom.

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Profs. Anindya Ghose of NYU Stern, Sang Pil Han of City University of Hong Kong and Kaiquan Xu of Nanjing University present their paper on Mobile Commerce in the New Tablet Economy.

June 27, 2013

CBA AnindyaThe net effect of tablets on total online sales has been overwhelmingly positive; total online sales have increased 7.8% after the introduction of tablets.

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Prof. Arun Sundararajan speaks to the Technology and Innovation Task Force at the United States Conference of Mayors' 81st Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.

June 24, 2013

CBA ArunProf. Arun Sundararajan joined Vice President Joe Biden and more than 200 mayors at the United States Conference of Mayors' 81st Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, June 21-24, 2013. Professor Sundararajan participated on a panel chaired by Mayor Edwin Lee of San Francisco about the economic and urban benefits of collaborative consumption and the sharing economy, in support of the "Shareable Cities" resolution. The resolution was adopted on June 24.

Prof. Arun Sundararajan quoted in Time magazine in a recent article about the growing sharing economy.

June 24, 2013
Excerpt from Time - 'These are new models, and they don't fit into the old boxes,'

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Prof. Anindya Ghose says, 'Mobile is the glue that holds offline and digital channels together' during a well received eMetrics Summit key address.

June 11, 2013

CBA eMetricsGhose posits 'I don't care so much about correlations. Causation is much more valuable for measurement.'

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Prof. Anindya Ghose on Minding the Skill Gap in business analytics and data science at The Economist Innovation Forum 2013

June 7, 2013
economist logo feature

Prof. Ghose suggests that organizations should collaborate with universities to co-develop the next wave of talented business analytics professionals.

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Business school graduates shun Wall Street for tech companies, while other industries continue to seek meaning and direction from their data, says Prof. Anindya Ghose

June 5, 2013

wired logo featureExcerpt from Wired - "The role of the marketing manager is shifting from just understanding traditional metrics to more digital and social metrics," Ghose says. "We are also seeing the demand for data scientists in insurance, healthcare, and utilities, industries that already have lots of data sitting around, and are likely to keep producing it."

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Profs. Anindya Ghose of NYU Stern, Sunit Wattal of Temple University and Gordon Burtch of the University of Minnesota discuss their latest crowdfunding research during a google hangout with Forbes journalist Devin Thorpe.

June 3, 2013

forbes logo feature
Altruism is a key incentive to crowdfunding contributions, and 80% of most crowdfunding campaigns are funded by friends and family.

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CBC radio interview with Prof. Arun Sundararajan on Quebec's crackdown on Airbnb hosts and the emergence of sharing economies.

May 30, 2013

CBA ArunProf. Sundararajan posits that now society is more connected, new markets and sharing economies such as Airbnb emerge. We need to determine what role government and markets play in regulation, however the most important dimension is that people want this service.

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First Module of Master of Science in Business Analytics program at NYU Stern successfully completed

May 30, 2013

CBA MSBA StudentsThe first module of the inaugural Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program is ending tomorrow. This stellar group of students worked closely with CBA faculty Sinan Aral, Norm White, Foster Provost, Ilan Lobel and Vasant Dhar among others.

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Prof. Vasant Dhar and NYU Stern alumnus Jon Maguire examine how the U.S. can provide higher quality health care to patients with type 2 diabetes.

May 28, 2013

CBA VasantVasant and Maguire demonstrate the effectiveness of data mining by applying machine learning methods to large-scale medical and pharmacy claims data for over 65,000 patients with type 2 diabetes, a common and costly disease globally.

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Prof. Arun Sundararajan discusses how new technology and entrepreneurship benefit consumers via new businesses like Airbnb and other peer-to-peer companies.

May 26, 2013

huffington post logo feature
Excerpt from the Huffington Post - "If you look at the history at the technological progress, any time there is a technology that makes things more efficient, eventually it has a positive impact on the economy."

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Prof. Anindya Ghose identifies word of mouth as powerful weapon universities can leverage via crowdfunding.

May 24, 2013

usa today logo featureExcerpt from USA  Today - "Ghose praised the role of online social networking, saying the Internet was a good medium for crowdfunding due to its geographically limitless platform and its ability to generate talk much faster than any other tool."

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Prof. Foster Provost + Tom Fawcett define data science in one of the most downloaded articles ever publishd by the Big Data Journal.

May 24, 2013

CBA FosterIn order for data science to serve business effectively, it is important to understand its relationships to other important related concepts, and to begin to identify the fundamental principles underlying data science.

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NYU Stern MBA students partner with Stern Consulting Corps on project for the Center for Business Analytics

May 21, 2013
predict possible scc
Excerpt from Stern News & Events -- "Brandon Tikalsky was introduced to the business of big data during his digital marketing class last fall. “This course really sparked my interest,” he recalls. “There are so many decisions that data can help inform if you have the right data and the right tools for analysis."

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Search engine personalization paper by Profs. Anindya Ghose, Panos Ipeirotis (NYU Stern) and Beibei Li (Carnegie Mellon University) is accepted by the Management Science Journal.

May 14, 2013

CBA Panos 2This paper studies the effects of three different kinds of search engine rankings on consumer behavior and search engine revenues: direct ranking effect, interaction effect between ranking and product ratings, and personalized ranking effect.

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NYU Stern welcomes inaugural class of Master in Business Analytics students

May 14, 2013

CBA SternThe Center for Business Analytics is pleased to welcome our first class of MSBA students to NYU Stern.  Our MSBA is an advanced degree business program designed for  experienced professionals interested in gaining competitive advantage through the predictive potential of data. Curriculum focuses on understanding the role of evidence-based data in decision making and leveraging data as a strategic asset.

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 Profs. Anindya Ghose, Gordon Burtch and Sunil Wattal on altruism and crowdfunding

May 07, 2013

CBA AnindyaAltruism is a key incentive to crowdfunding contributions, but rapid funding success may not equal overall success, posits a new paper by Profs. Anindya Ghose, Gordon Burtch and Sunil Wattal.

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Prof. Anindya Ghose and PhD student Jason Chan examine an increase in STDs and the connection to social media.

May 3, 2013

discover magazineExcerpt from Discover - 'Easily accessible sexual encounters can engender risky sexual behaviors that in turn increase the likelihood of STD transmission. And when sex becomes a sort of "impulse purchase" through sex networking sites, people do engage in behaviors that compromise their health.'

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Prof. Sinan Aral discusses his research on measuring influence in social networks and describes the need for more causal inference in big data sets.

May 2, 2013

CBA Sinan'If we plan to intervene in the world and want to know what is going to happen, we have to understand how things are causally related to one another.'

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Prof. Sinan Aral, PhD student Sean Taylor and Eytan Bakshy of Facebook present their paper on online diffusion at the ec13/ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce.

May 1, 2013

CBA Sean 2Aral, Taylor and Bakshy examine selection effects in online sharing through a large-scale field experiment on Facebook that randomizes whether or not adopters share Offers (coupons) in a passive manner.

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The Center for Business Analytics and NYC Media Lab co-sponsored a roundtable discussion on big data and TV.

April 25, 2013

CBA NYC Media LabThis lively conversation featured companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Mashable, Ogilvy, HBO, Nielsen, Ravorfish and Media6Degrees, along with NYU Stern Profs. Vasant Dhar and Foster Provost, and UPenn Wharton Prof. Shawndra Hill among others.

Prof. Anindya Ghose describes hwo the average Chinese consumer is way ahead in the adoption of mobile devices and apps.

April 10, 2013

CKGSB LogoExcerpt from CKGSB  KNOWLEDGE - 'One of the fundamental problems of retention rates for apps in Europe and in the US is that there are a lot of apps out there that get downloaded, only a fraction of them actually get used consistently.'

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Prof. Anindya Ghose on the new "Facebook Home" offering for Android phones

April 04, 2013

los angeles times logo featureExcerpt from the Los Angeles Times -- "Anindya Ghose, co-director of the Center for Business Analytics at New York University, said Facebook is reaching deeper into users' personal lives but that this is basically what social networks have done since they first bounded onto the scene.

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Prof. Anindya Ghose on the effectiveness of mobile advertising

April 01, 2013

mit technology review logo featureExcerpt from MIT Technology Review -- "But are existing mobile ads really performing poorly? Anindya Ghose, an associate professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business and co-director of Stern’s Center for Business Analytics, doesn’t think so. Ghose, who tracks the effectiveness of ads across smartphones, tablets, and PCs, says people tend to see ads on one device and may end up buying the product in question on another."

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Prof. Anindya Ghose on the merits of allowing employees to work from home

February 27, 2013

bloomberg logo feat
Excerpt from Bloomberg -- “'Allowing an employee to work from home once a week is likely to boost their morale,' he said. 'If they’re honest, there’s no reason it should affect your productivity.'"

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Prof. Anindya Ghose discusses the importance of mobile communications to Africa's economy.

February 21, 2013

CBA AnindyaExcerpt from Stern News & Events - 'For many in Africa, their first and possibly only Internet experience will be via the mobile Web...Indeed, exciting developments are happening in industries that use the mobile platform for offering a variety of goods and services.'

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Prof. Anindya Ghose on the value of food pictures on social media

January 29, 2013

marketplace radio logo feature
Excerpt from Marketplace -- "Anindya Ghose, who teaches social media and digital marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Business, says there are two pluses to food pictures. 'Part of it is that it’s more information from a source that I’m more likely to trust: another user like me,' he says."

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How IT Will Disrupt Universities by Prof. Vasant Dhar

January 07, 2013

CBA FTTuition-based universities are doing something counterintuitive: competing with each other to deliver their content online and for free. Last year Stanford University offered free courses on machine learning, database systems and artificial intelligence to more than 100,000 students. Many other professors are also making their material available online.

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Prof. Anindya Ghose and the M.S. in Business Analytics program are featured

November 28, 2012

us news and world report logo feature

Excerpt from U.S. News -- "Ghose has also observed significant demand from job recruiters for analytical skills. 'Most companies understand that there is some value in business analytics and big data, but they just don't have, often, the in-house skills to do something with that,' he says."

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Prof. Anindya Ghose on businesses' use of predictive analytics

October 10, 2012

CNBC logo featExcerpt from CNBC -- "It's the speed of real time data being generated that makes it so appealing to businesses...Macy's used it to determine how many customers they will get at Thanksgiving, and can plan on what to sell in real time. And Sears personalized promotions for customers in a just a week when it used to take them eight. There's so much that can be done with it."

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Prof. Anindya Ghose on smart phone apps' effects on music and entertainment start-up companies

July 27, 2012

new york daily news logo featureExcerpt from New York Daily News -- "'Mobile apps are enabling new businesses to emerge and thrive,' Ghose said. 'You can potentially have your entire business resolving around apps.'"

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Prof. Vasant Dhar on an information market for Facebook to create value

June 27, 2012

Excerpt from CNBC Squawk Box -- "Facebook knows more about people than anyone else. People have provided that data voluntarily so that's a tremendous resource that they can monetize."

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"Get Paid for Your Data on Facebook" by Prof. Vasant Dhar

June 11, 2012

vasant dhar“While there are several possible business models for Facebook to create value, each with its potential risk and reward, I propose that Facebook create the world’s first information market. This market-based model would pay Facebook users in exchange for permission to provide selective information to businesses looking to reach specific types of people.”

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Prof. Anindya Ghose on RIM's Blackberry

May 29, 2012

msnbc logo featureExcerpt from MSNBC -- "Anindya Ghose, an associate professor of management at New York University’s Stern School of Business, reckons RIM needs a new, visionary leader to help the company pull out of its tailspin. 'To put it bluntly, they need someone like Steve Jobs,' he said."

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Prof. Anindya Ghose's research on the link between Craigslist and STD rates is highlighted

April 13, 2012

washington post logo featureExcerpt from The Washington Post -- "The entry of Craigslist produces a transformative shift in casual sex-seeking behavior,' Jason Chan and Anindya Ghose write in 'Internet's Dirty Secret: Assessing the Impact of Technology Shocks on the Outbreaks of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.'"

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Prof. Vasant Dhar on NYU Stern's new digital marketing specialization

February 28th, 2012

new york post logo featureExcerpt from New York Post -- "'We were getting signals from employers that they would like people trained in this area - those who can think strategically in the digital world and who have the skills to deal with the challenges that come from kind of data that this world generates,' says Dhar."

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