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Spring Symposium 2018: Infrastructure & Real Estate

Joint Conference on Infrastructure and Real Estate
Center for Real Estate Finance Research
NYU Stern Infrastructure Finance Initiative
Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Infrastructure Investment and Real Estate are closely linked. Infrastructure initiatives are catalysts in the economic development process, often with major external benefits that are reflected in the productivity and returns on both physical and human capital on and accelerating growth. Infrastructure can fundamentally alter the economics of real estate investments, on the one hand, while real estate development creates the need for and value of infrastructure. This inter-dependence is well understood by investors, policymakers and academics, and there is a rich body of applied research to draw on. This conference will delve into three recent cases of joint infrastructure-real estate dynamics in order to draw out many of the key lessons. These cases are: The Second Avenue Subway, The Dakota Access Pipeline Project, and the Panema Canal Widening.

More details to come.  2nd ave subway