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"The purpose of business is to increase investor’s profits. Any MBA can tell you that that’s just the way the world works.
The world works that way because that’s the way we teach MBA’s how the world works…if you believe the world works that way,
your actions are going to reflect that belief and you’re going to create a world in which that’s true. There’s a self-fulfilling prophecy going on here.”
- Gregory Unruh, MIT Sloan Management Review
Sustainable Brands 2016 Presentation: Gaps in Perceptions around Purpose: Important Differences
between Executives, Employees, Consumers and Investors

Polman event video image A Conversation with Unilever CEO Paul Polman on the 21st Century Corporation
Le Cunff_CSB video image Ideas Never Sleep // Origins - Sustainability for the Long Term
John Williams INS video thumb 250x140 Ideas Never Sleep // Value Shift - Sustainability as Competitive Advantage
INS Sustainability video 250x140 Ideas Never Sleep // Value Shift - Redefining Value
INS Sustainability video 250x140 Ideas Never Sleep // Tricks & Hacks - Make the Move Toward Sustainability
“Corporate Evolution in the Age of Sustainability”
Lecture for “Business and its Publics”
February 29, 2016
Nespresso Fireside Chat Video Thumb 250x140 Fireside Chat with Guillaume Le Cunff, CEO of Nespresso USA, and Tensie Whelan 
Tensie Whelan SIS video thumb 250x140 10 Minutes to Change the World: Tensie Whelan on Sustainable Business 
INS Sustainability video 250x140 Ideas Never Sleep // Animated Thinking - Sustainability in Business 
tensie whelan video thumbnail 1 12th Annual Stern-Citi Conference in Leadership & Ethics 
tensie whelan video thumbnail 2 Verge, Rainforest Alliance's Tensie Whelan on Data and Platforms 2014 
tensie video thumbnail 3 Green Biz, Redesigning Our Food Systems for the 21st Century 2012 
tensie whelan video thumbnail 4 Implementing Field Level Sustainability Through the Eyes of Industry & Producer, 2015
tensie whelan video thumbnail 5 Rainforest Alliance President Tensie Whelan at the Sustainable Brands Conference 2013 
tensie whelan video thumbnail 6 Working with Companies to Protect Against Deforestation - Tensie Whelan
tensie whelan video thumbnail 7 Tensie Whelan Accepts 2012 JBF Leadership Award