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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the APCLB the summer after my LLM?

Yes, you may take the summer core classes the summer after you complete the LLM. However, you should have satisfied the 6 elective credits hours during the fall and spring semesters of your LLM degree.

What are these 6 elective credit hours?
These are typically two business related courses which can be Stern Courses, cross-listed Law courses with the Stern School, or Law School courses that focus on business-related issues.  It is highly recommended that at least one elective course be taken through Stern.

Will Stern courses count towards my law degree?
Yes, Stern courses will count towards the law degree. However, the number of credits accepted is limited. Please check with your law school advisor for the specific number of credit hours.

Will Stern courses be reflected on my law school transcript?
The 9 credits taken during the summer will not be included on your law school transcript. However, any additional elective credits taken at Stern will appear on the law school transcript. Your grades for the 9 summer credits will not be included in the calculation of your Law School GPA.

Will Stern classes weigh on the law school GPA?
No, Stern classes are not calculated in the law school GPA. However, elective credits taken at Stern along with the grade will appear on the law school transcript.

Can I take an APCLB course without registering for the program?
If you are a student in the NYU Law School, you may register for the APCLB classes without enrolling in the program.

I am not enrolled at the NYU Law School. Can I register for the ABCLB as a non-matriculated student?
Yes, you can enroll in the summer portion fo the program only. In lieu of an accredited certificate, the participants will receive a transcript from the NYU Stern School of Business indicating the three core business courses completed.

Can I take the APCLB on a part-time basis?
Yes, with approval, you may take the APCLB core summer courses over multiple summer sessions as long as you are a matriculating student at the NYU School of Law.

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