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There are several things that you should check
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Are you entering the correct login information?

      • The Application Status Check Website is case sensitive. Please enter your first and last name with the first letter of each capitalized and the rest of the letters in lowercase. For example: Tom Jones, rather than TOM JONES or tom jones.
      • Please ensure you are entering the most up to date password. If you have changed your password from the password sent by MBA Admissions, please ensure you are entering the password you chose and not the login sent by NYU Stern MBA Admissions.
      • Please verify you are choosing the correct term (i.e. Fall versus Spring) and program (i.e. Full-time versus Part-time) to which you applied.

Are your cookies enabled/turned on within your web browser?
If they are not, please refer to the “help” section of your web browser for information on how to enable/turn them on.

Do you have an anti-virus program installed?
If so, we recommend that you set the warning level to “medium” in order to be able to access this site.

What is the security setting on your browser?
We recommend that this be set to “medium” in order to be able to access this site. 

Is there a firewall installed on your computer/network?
Please see the instructions which came with your firewall software or your network administrator to see how to permit access to this site.

Which web browser and version are you using?
We recommend using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.


If you are still having difficulty accessing this site after checking each of these items,
please contact our office at (212) 998-0600 during regular business hours for assistance.

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