full-time mba alumnusCandace Lee, MBA/MPA 2016
Finance & Risk Consultant, Accenture

Undergraduate: Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University

Pre-Stern work experience: Managing Director, Orion Consultants

Stern specializations: Finance, Management

Stern leadership: Dual Degree Committee Chair Person, SGov; Vice President of Alumni Relations and Community Engagement, Association of Hispanic & Black Business Students; Block 4 Leader

Club involvement: Association of Hispanic & Black Business Students, Social Enterprise Association

"From the moment that I walked into the Kaufman Center, I knew that Stern was a special place. The school’s belief that people can both make money and also do a lot of good in the world created the perfect environment for someone like me. I chose the MBA-MPA program out of a desire to understand effective policy design and implementation at a time when partnerships between public, private, and non-profit organizations are increasingly common. Stern’s interdisciplinary approach to learning offered me a chance to supplement information gained in lectures with opportunities to solve problems for real-world clients. The knowledge, skills, and friendships that I have gained in the last 3 years are invaluable to me."