Based in New York City with a growing presence in countries around the world, Climb Against Sexual Abuse (CLIMB) seeks to foster a global movement to raise awareness about sexual violence, build a community among survivors and create a supportive environment for the healing process. Stern MBA students Isha Joshi, Heather Luciano, Amy McDermott and Abhilasha Prasad helped to develop action plans for short- and long-term fundraising, identifying sponsorship opportunities for an annual climb of Mount Kilimanjaro and strengthening its communication network to help survivors connect, share stories and advocate on behalf of all victims.

“The non-profit sector is tackling some of the most complex issues facing our society and, in many cases, doing so with limited resources and infrastructure. Through our lectures, group discussions and client meetings, this course taught us how to apply the core principles of strategic management to make a positive impact in our community,” said MBA student Heather Luciano.