NYC Free Clinic NYC Free Clinic
NYC Free Clinic is a network of free clinics across the City that promote health care to at-risk and underserved populations, as well as patient education, social services and screenings for public health insurance. Stern students Ana Appignani, Marcus Cimino, Christopher Colahan and Nadia Tian worked with the organization to develop a new scheduling system to reduce patient wait times, create an internal communication system to coordinate within the network and distribute marketing materials in multiple languages to increase community awareness of the resources available.

“In business school and medical school alike, students can learn a lot from textbooks, cases and homework assignments. However, to truly understand and solve problems in the real world, we need to apply what we learn,” said MD/MBA dual-degree student Marcus Cimino. “This opportunity allowed us to utilize the skills we have acquired and develop a more nuanced understanding of how things work in the non-profit sphere, which will help us to be more effective leaders in the future.”