ansob ANSOB Center for Refugees

The ANSOB Center for Refugees, based in Queens, New York, helps refugees and immigrants adjust to life in the United States and overcome the challenges inherent in relocating to a new country. Stern MBA students Ariel Ennis, Uttara Gopal, Tara Kelley, Scott Nogi and Eliya Tenenboim helped the organization enhance its digital footprint and diversify funding sources by launching a new website, increasing ANSOB’s social media presence, enhancing visibility for donation channels and researching ongoing funding opportunities through national and state grants.

“Entering an existing organization and understanding how to improve its performance without straying from its vision, disrupting its culture or restructuring its model – given the time, personnel and resource constraints non-profits often face – is quite a challenge,” noted Eliya. “But the impact is very real and very rewarding as well.”