Part-time MBA_MFriedkin 

When Marcia Friedkin was contemplating pursuing her MBA, she was already a successful, self-employed marketing consultant who had run her own business for over 10 years. She didn’t want to switch fields or careers. And she well understood the significance of the investment of time and resources that an MBA entails.

“I knew it would be tremendously helpful – both to me and to my clients – if I could expand and deepen my overall business acumen,” said Marcia, now three quarters of the way through NYU Stern’s Langone Part-time MBA program in Westchester. “But I didn’t want to pursue it anywhere but at a top institution. When I discovered that NYU Stern had a program in Westchester, I realized that this was my chance.”

Her experiences within the program so far have enabled Marcia to expand her marketing know-how, while also providing insight into other areas of business that she didn’t anticipate.

“Competitive Strategy in the Marketplace with John Czepiel was the perfect class for me and exactly the reason I decided to get my MBA . The case studies we analyzed expanded my understanding of how marketing research figures into the entire overall strategy of an organization,” she said. “But Managing Growing Companies with Glenn Okun may have actually been my favorite class so far, because it gave me exposure to the unique challenges of managing and growing small to midsized businesses.  We’re fortunate because we get the same top notch Stern professors that teach at the Square.”

While she selected to attend the NYU Stern program in Westchester out of convenience, Marcia found the unique culture of the program a tremendous asset. During her time at Stern in Westchester, Marcia has made every moment count, first becoming a student core group leader and now serving as VP of Westchester students in Stern’s Student Corporation. She has leveraged her marketing research skills to help identify the needs of students in the Westchester program and advocate for them.

Marcia has been instrumental in building community and expanding activities at the Westchester campus, and has also become involved in student governance issues affecting the entire Langone (Part-Time) Program at Stern. In 2011, Marcia was awarded the Kenneth G. Langone award for meritorious service to the Stern School, the university and the community.

Her collective experiences at NYU Stern in Westchester, both inside and outside the classroom, have not only enabled Marcia to achieve her goal of attaining broader-based business knowledge, but also have fundamentally shifted her perspective on the business world and her place in it.

“Without a doubt I’ve strengthened existing skills, but the program has also given me tools and confidence to expand my viewpoint beyond marketing research. I approach my clients’ needs differently now from a more encompassing strategic perspective that enables me to provide added value.” Marcia said.

“I really couldn’t have made a better choice.”