When Clare Conlin initially decided to get her MBA, she assumed she would pursue it on a full time basis. With over a decade of experience in banking, she had hoped to branch out into portfolio management, and she saw the MBA as a way to expand both her knowledge and her network as well as broaden her prospects.

“I wanted to attend a top business school and Stern has a great reputation. Originally, I thought about pursuing the full time program, but then I heard that they had a campus in Westchester 10 minutes from my house,” she said. “It turned out to be the perfect fit for me, since I have three children and the flexibility has been able to provide me with much better work/life balance.”

NYU Stern’s Langone Part-time MBA in Westchester offers all MBA core classes at its Westchester campus, with the same professors who teach at NYU Stern’s Washington Square location. But what sets NYU Stern Westchester apart is the inclusion of students from companies in the Westchester and Fairfield county areas.

“We have students who work and live everywhere within a 50-mile radius - from such organizations as Sikorsky or West Point Military Academy - who simply wouldn’t be able to pursue an MBA if they had to make it down to Manhattan,” said Bruce Buchanan, C.W. Nichols Professor of Business Ethics and Acting Director of the NYU Stern Westchester program. “The NYU Stern Westchester program makes it possible for these students to pursue an MBA at a premier institution, work full time and still have a robust student experience.”

Currently a little more than half way through her MBA, Conlin has been struck by how much she’s enjoyed being back in school, and how much new knowledge she’s acquired, even with 10 years worth of experience in banking.

“I’ve taken a lot of courses that have surprised me,” Conlin said. “For example, I was concerned when I took the Operations core class that it might be some tiresome holdover from the manufacturing era, but instead it taught me a widely applicable set of principles on how to optimize your output and deliver your value proposition.”

Other favorite classes for Conlin included Negotiations, Business Presentations, Damodaran’s Valuations class, Sonia Marciano’s Strategy 1 & 2, and Professional Responsibility. “It was so practical and really drove home the point that, as a business person, there are repercussions to what you do and that right and wrong can change over time.”

“I really decided to do the MBA because I thought it would help me more effectively branch out career-wise, but I’ve gotten so much more out of it than I would have imagined,” Conlin said. “The classes are excellent and have given me a much larger perspective on the business world.”