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Submission of Nicholas Economides to USDOJ
on the Microsoft settlement

Disclaimer: I am not a consultant of the United States Department of Justice, Microsoft, or any of the Attorneys General of the 19 States and the District of Columbia that have sued Microsoft.

The following is a submission by Nicholas Economides to the United States Department of Justice as an amicus brief on the Tunney proceeding on whether to approve the settlement that USDOJ and nine States (New York, Illinois, North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Maryland and Ohio) reached with Microsoft.

Click here for the submission as posted by USDOJ.

Click here for attachment A to the submission (Nicholas Economides CV).

Click here for attachment B to the submission (United States v. Microsoft: A Failure of Antitrust in the New Economy, by Nicholas Economides, UWLA Law Review, April 2001).

Click here for other "major" submissions to USDOJ in the same proceeding. USDOJ received more than 30,000 submissions. USDOJ posted only what it considered "major" submissions on its web site.

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